Dells required more fixes in Henrico

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 28, 2006.

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    Link: Dells required more fixes in Henrico
    Description:: Although it is difficult to draw any firms conclusions due to conflating factors, the repair rate for Dell laptops in the Henrico schools is higher than it was for the Apple iBooks.

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    Wait wait... But we need to save money and get dells. iBooks are just to to much.
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    "Another recurring problem was incorrect "sleeping," so the hard drive could crash when the laptop was reopened, Brown said."

    Whoa, what does this mean?! Shame on Windows =)
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    Sure, NOW he tells us, lol.
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    One of my favorite things about my Macs. No sleep issues!

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    ^^ Mine too.

    Mmm, well, it is notable that Dell didn't require as many send-aways. And tsk tsk on Apple for not having done more about loaners on their watch. That was too obvious. You give laptops to school kids and they will get messed up. :rolleyes: Just a fact of life.

    It'll be interesting to see if things get better. But from that director's comments, it sounds more like this was about getting on Windows than anything else....

    Oh, btw, does anyone happen to the copy of Windows (or the copy of OS X that was on the iBooks) on these computers tightly administered -- e.g. little or no ability for the user to install anything?
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    Yeah right

    Tell that to my G5 iMac that would consistently fail to wake from sleep, as well as spontaneously sleep while in use, even after a fresh install. I've never seen a PC or Mac that hasn't had sleep issues, which is why I never use sleep on any computer, including my Thinkpad.

    Now that Apple has replaced my G5 iMac with a new Intel one, I might be persuaded to try it again, but I'm still wary of sleep.
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    Apr 30, 2004
    There is not one single valid excuse there why a direct comparison can't be made.

    Dell (New machines)
    • 14,125 problems

    Apple (3-4 year old machines)
    • 12,250 problems

    That is clear cut. The excuses made:

    Are ANY of those valid excuses? Let's see.

    • Dell sell many, many times more laptops than this normally, yet cannot manage one programme where there are that many problems? Yeah, we're dealing with teenagers here, but still, that rate is a bit high (although Apple's was too).

    • 3½ weeks would be more than enough time. Whip out one laptop, install software, ghost drive. Distribute all machines to their locations, wire up network, drop ghost image over network. I've done this with really huge networks, and it takes about 30min for 40Gb. So this isn't a valid excuse either.

    • Dell's spokeswoman is hitting the nail on the head: "we spent the year finding out how it works". With their resources SURELY they could have researched it BEFORE putting in a tender for the contract?


    And the one i like the most:
    • One student brought his Dell in for repair 18 times over the course of the year.
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    Apr 30, 2004
    how the hell did that happen?
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    Aug 16, 2005
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    You don't seem to be alone :(

    It's been great on both my iMac Core Duo and iBook. Guess I'm just lucky!

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    I should probably also come clean about *my* iMac G5 sleep problem. Although I'm fairly certain that mine can be fixed with an archive and install, and I just haven't bothered yet. (The details of mine are a little unusual, and easily enough avoided since I am the only active user, and therefore do not need to be able to sleep/wake at the login screen).

    Up until whatever I did, though, sleep/wake was bombproof on my iMac. And iit always has been on my iBook. :)
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    The article left out

    Dell repair cost : £0, <24hrs
    Apple repair cost : ~£100 >72hrs

    OK, I am drawing those figures from my own experience with the respective support but without this sort of information, a simple repair-by-repair comparison is pointless in this sort of scenario. Just for example:
    6,940 were fixed at school.
    Hell, I can't even get Apple to fix any laptop on site! That's 3 days down time for every problem.
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    Jun 15, 2006
    Really? that sucks! My iMac (G3) has never had any sleep issues, but my family PC doesn't even go to sleep anymore, for some reason.
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    Analog Kid

    Mar 4, 2003
    Yeah, I thought the "first experience with a one student one laptop program" argument was pretty specious too.

    That said, I don't think this is the sales pitch for Apple that some think it is. For one thing, I expect that new machines will turn up more problems that machines a year or two old and the numbers just aren't all that different.
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    Jun 14, 2006
    Well then why the HELL did they contract a company who CLEARLY doesn't know what it's doing! They've even admitted it!!!
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    That's ok. If they went for MacBooks instead, their repair rates would be tripled the DELL amount.
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    Nov 30, 2003
    The article does mention both that Apple fixed some laptops on site (2,568), and that average wait times were 24-48 hrs with Dell, 42(?)-72 hrs with Apple.

    You're right, though, that the article doesn't include any mention of your own experiences with Apple support! :D ;)
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    I've slept all my Macs (total 3 since 1998) day-in/day-out, and it's rock-solid.

    With the exception of VERY occasionally opening my PowerBook to a blank screen, if I have enabled the option to ask for password on wake. I close the lid and re-open, and all is well. (It helps if I say "Parkay" and "Butter.") By occasionally I mean twice a year in heavy use/travel, alternating with always-on Folding@Home. (Which is the REAL answer to best sleep practices :) )

    But if you don't Fold (cancer schmancer) then go ahead and sleep... so much more convenient than booting.
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    I've had dozens of Macs and never had a sleep issue. Don't place such harsh judgement based on your one Mac. :)
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    Jul 3, 2006
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    I actually live in this stupid community. It's ridiculous! I don't know who's idea this was, because everyone I talked too loved the Macs - teachers, students, admins, techies - everybody!

    I personally emailed the school superintendant and pleaded with him! I gave real world security issues concerns and forseeable incident cost/fix/time ratio comparisons.

    But, I also pleaded with them to also sell the extra Macs Henrico Co. residents first (since THEY paid for them with tax money) I actually think they heard me on that, because two days after my email they changed the conditions to that. Sorry (sort of) about that to those who were gonna buy 4 or 5 to re-sell at a profitand lived thousands of miles away... I read those posts :p

    I tell ya this too - Here's my conspiracy minded creative paranoia kickin' in :) --- I suspect there was a underlying miltary contract reason or old boy network reason.

    This state and community is so completely military minded, that I can almost hear this conversation between a couple of local yokel war buddies hatching the Dell plan, "Let's get Dell, 'cause Apple is for liberal weenie art f*gs and Dell is a proud southern company who employs Americans."

    This kind of BS isn't unusual here - though it's not as prevelant's hard to explain. There is no sense to this decision, none that I've been made aware of anyway.

    Another thing I've noticed here: the overall educational level of the general populace is woefully deficient in critical thinking... I really think that the teachers want to teach, but the kids are nightmarishly stupid. It's like living in Vin Disel movie - little tricked out race-car honda's and little thug-lets with bald heads and the most ignorant concepts.

    GOD-I hate this place!

    Whew! Ok, that's out...hehe...

    Truely sucks here. Don't tell me to leave - I'm on my way out.

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