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Denial of Service Prank Crashing iMessage App for Targeted Developers

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 29, 2013.

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    The Next Web is reporting that a group of iOS developers has been targeted with a series of rapid-fire messages on iMessage, creating a sort of denial-of-service (DoS) attack that crashes the iMessage app.

    Grant Paul, one of the targeted iOS developers explains how the attack worked:
    iH8sn0w, an iOS jailbreak tool and app developer, showed TNW a proof-of-concept AppleScript that would be able to create the barrage of iMessages. A potential spammer would only need a person's email address and the AppleScript to engage in the attack, especially after Apple unified phone numbers and email addresses in iOS 6. 

    Currently, there is no way to block particular senders in iMessage, though iH8sn0w said it should be possible for Apple to notice the bursts of messages and block them as repetitive spamming. Victims can also disable iMessage entirely.

    It's not clear who initiated the attack, nor why these developers were targeted, though it appears the attacks are merely a prank.

    Article Link: Denial of Service Prank Crashing iMessage App for Targeted Developers
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    Beat me to it. I was just getting ready to post this.....
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    I find it highly surprising that Apple has not put preemptive measures in place to prevent obvious iMessage spam (e.g. extremely high number of messages in a short time).
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    Daft Punk's viral marketing at work for their new album.
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    Great, can't wait for character limits, time limits, verifications and heck put in captcha codes as well.
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    Let me guess: It's from China or a Taiwan proxy?
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    I've noticed this before when I've been spammed massive text messages from friends just to be silly. It locked up the app entirely and attempted to open that particular message string would freeze the app for a number of time until it defaults back to the message list.

    Alternatively, if you attempt to open the offending string and and leave it open, the message will eventually be processed and open to allow deletion. This can take a few hours though depending on the amount of data sent
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    You do know that many Anonymous members are from the US, right? Not to mention 4chan. Oh, and the US gov conducts attacks on other nations.
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    Wouldn't these have to come from an iDevice ?
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    Not for the last year + that iMessage has been available on OSX
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    Ahhh. You're correct.

    Hackintosh community.

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    Not much hacking here, just copy and paste a message until it is big.
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    I didn't say there was any hacking. I said it probably came from the hackintosh community.

    They are lesser than script kiddies.
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    People will take you more seriously now Anonymous!
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    Why does it have to be from the "hackintosh community"? Anyone can carry out this iMessage attack its so simple.
  17. shahin90, Mar 29, 2013
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    I have seen the same exact signature ending with the "expect us" in this torrent: redacted
  18. Peace, Mar 29, 2013
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    Why ? Because its my opinion. We all have them


    "The attacks hit at least a half-dozen iOS developer and hacker community members that we know of now, and appear to have originated with a Twitter account involved in selling UDIDs, provisioning profiles and more that facilitate in the installation of pirated App Store apps which are re-signed and distributed"
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    This comment wins for most ridiculous comment I have ever seen on Macrumors and that's saying something.

    How do you people think this %!?# up?
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    Anonymous members? 4chan?
    I don't think you know what you're talking about.
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    wow, these guys are 1337 h@x0r. I remember when I discovered this a year ago when iMessages were still new.

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    I guarantee you a story will come out in a day that the national database has been hacked, but everyone will be talking about how their life is ruined because their messages app on their iPhone is destroyed. :p
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    You haven't been around long. I've made much worse comments.

    Read the story man. It tells you who did it.

    I even quoted it.
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    The Chinese government strikes again :D.
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    China funds attacks on US companies. It was on the news recently that they take college graduates and put them to hacking work. The US does hacking for military/anti-terrorism reasons. Anonymous... I don't know, they could be anywhere.

    Proof of concept: I blocked China and the rest of eastern Asia from my website. Without exaggeration, hacking attempts have decreased by 99%. If I could, I'd make my router block that area on all ports for incoming packets.


    ß3$† çømm3ñ† h3®3
    Mostly because I like making fun of people who use 1337$p33k.

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