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Dennis Hopper Dies as Result of Prostate Cancer

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ucfgrad93, May 29, 2010.

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    What a sad incident, he was a great actor. I still remember him vividly in Blue Velvet.

    He was one of the very rare cool ones that could maintain a respectable Hollywood career.

    Rest in peace!
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    RIP Dennis.

    Easy Rider. One of the best films ever made.
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    Damn right he was brilliant. Easy Rider is one of my favourite films, everything about it was perfectly pulled off. Sad to see a legend go.
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    We all die one day.
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    He was a good actor. His best role had to be in Waterworld. At least that is the only movie I can name that I have seen him in. Though I know I have seen him in others.
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    Given the amount of drugs he consumed 74 is pretty good I would say.
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    Just woke up to this news. RIP Mr Hopper you will be missed. PBR time..........
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    Hopper was an absolutely brilliant actor, and such a uniquely talented one. His role in Apocalypse Now was genius. What a loss. :(
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    Oh yea. The Photojournalist. GREAT role.

    Hard to do too considering everybody was taking Acid.
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    An amazing career and an amazing life. Rest In Peace.

    My personal favourite was Land Of The Dead, although Apocalypse Now is a close runner.

    He'll be sorely missed but not forgotten.
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    Sad to read. Was hoping he'd pull through, but I've no doubt he packed more living into each of those 74 years than many people do in a lifetime. He'll always live on in some of the great films he's appeared in.
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    Ride off down that highway, Dennis--you will be missed.
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    RIP, Dennis. You will be missed.
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    Now it's dark
  18. JNB
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    Christ, I'm getting old.
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    Sad to know he's gone.
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    NC MacGuy

    He lived a full life. RIP Dennis.
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    You might be the only person that saw Waterworld. :p

    Don't let the bus go below 50 Jack or they all die.

    The rule of 3, Art, Gary, and now Dennis.
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    I've seen him in Speed and Waterworld. I've seen Apocalypse Now, but I don't remember the film at all.

    Speed was good though.

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    Here he is with Gorillaz in "Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head."

    He was awesome.
  25. Nuc
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    What? 74 is a lifetime... He probably packed more into his lifetime than 5 people. :D


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