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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by BasilFawlty, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I just bought a new Denon AVR-1912 receiver and love it. I just hooked up my iPhone via USB and can now play all the music on my iPhone. However, when I choose a playlist, I can't figure out how to make it play in "shuffle" mode? It just starts at the beginning and plays one sone after the other in the sequence of the list. But I'd like to shuffle the songs but can't see how to do that. I'm hoping someone here has a similar set up and can advise how this is done.
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    Ah, this should be a quick fix.

    In your iPhone music player, on the bottom when you're browsing your music in portrait mode will be sorting options for your music. Tap the "songs" one, and all your tracks will list, sorted by track. At the very top, above this list, is a shuffle option. Tap it and sit back and enjoy.
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    You would think it would be a quick fix, wouldn't you. One small problem. When the iPhone is connected via USB to the Denon receiver, and I go into the iPhone and open iTunes, the screen just says "accessory connected" and there are no options to push anywhere like when you are just listening to the iTunes music directly from the iPhone. As soon as it's connected, all the controls are made from the Denon's iPod menu and there is NO SHUFFLE option that I can fine anywhere.

    Does anyone actually have a Denon 1912 here who knows how to cause iPhone songs to shuffle (or knows that it can't be done?)
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    i have a 1912, never used the usb cable though,
    why not use airplay? it's much smoother integration.
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    I will as soon as I get the thing wired to my Router which is in a different room. In the meantime, I;m hoping someone can answer my question. Thanks.
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    Airplay won't work if he's not on his home network.

    I also have the 1912 but I use the apple tv for AirPlay
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    correct, i just figured he wasn't lugging a 25 pound amp around with him, and kept it at home.

    i also have an aTV3 hooked up, i normally use the airplay on the 1912 for audio though, just so i don't have to adjust the surround mode.
    keep the aTV on "DOLBY PL2 cinema", and airplay on stereo, so it doesn't change the sound too much.

    having the amp plugged in to ethernet also give you the advantage of software updates, i've had mine for about a year, and have had 2 or 3 in that time.
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    Sure it will. I have an ATV2 at home and there are 2 ATV3's at my work, and my iPod can airplay to those at work just as easily as on mine at home (and, yes, the ones at work are a totally different Apple ID).
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    Were talking about the Denon receiver not the Apple TV. If the Denon receiver isn't on his home network he won't be able to Airplay to it.
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    While I appreciate al the information about AirPlay and what will or won't work with the Denon and what I should or should not do woith regards to AirPlay, my question was related to the iPhone directly connected to the USB port on the Denon. Specifically: Does anyone know whether it is possible to implement "shuffle" for a playlist WHEN IT IS CONNECTED TO THE DENON? As soon as I connect the iPhone to the front USB port, the iTunes screen just says "external device connected" and I have no control over anything form the iPhone itself. When I view the iTunes menu from the Denon menu on my TV, I can access my playlists, artists, songs, etc., but don't see where or how to implement "shuffle."
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    This would seem to be a great time to invoke the Batpig dictionary! ;)
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    Shuffle on denon

    Hey guy I don't know if u ever figured it out but if you plug in your iPod and then push the menu button on your remote, you can then go to input setup, iPod playback mode and then choose shuffle for songs

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