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Deposit a check with your iPhone

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 9, 2009.

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    This app alone gave me the incentive to open new accounts with USAA - the ability to deposit checks from the iPhone is truly a killer feature, as are all of the other services that USAA has to offer. This will certainly be trend setting for banking services, as well as for transactions across the board. Bravo!
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    Haha. So cool. I hate driving to ATMs to deposit checks.
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    That app totally rocks!:apple: :)
    I have sent that Youtube link to a number of TV, media and banks in NZ although a lot of our NZ Banks are very slow off the mark when it comes to adapting to or working with new technology ideas so I doubt that they will pick up on the hint.
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    That was a great move - I'll be doing the same for TD Bank, Citi, Chase, and PNC here in the States. This might, at the very least, set the ball into motion.
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    Citibank is working on some mobile phone banking developments but they don't appear to inivolve the iPhone. They are developing some stuff in India with the help of Nokia

    Edit - Ain't it great having Google ;)
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    I had to use Google as I had read the Citibank article just after I posted the Youtube video which was from another Tech and banking article on the same site as the Citibank article link but couldn't find the link to the Citibank article when replying to your comment.
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    Cool feature but I don't think I've dealt with a cheque in years!
    Isn't everything bank transfer, credit cards etc. now?
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    In order to use USAA's current "Deposit@Home" feature, you need to have either a credit card or loan from them, in addition to a checking account.
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    That's crap! If you have an account it should be all that you need.
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    love the app I have already deposited 2 checks, love it
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    Know what you mean

    I keep wondering if my checks still will be good the day I do need to use one.

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    Not so. I was able to make a deposit without a loan/credit card.

    Sweet app.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Personally I am not a huge fan of this app and think it should be taken down.

    Reason for it is security. Lets say I write some one a check. It contains a lot of personal information on it along with my account and routing number. The person to deposits a check this way has their money and has ZERO motivation to shred the check afterwards so it just get thrown in the trash.

    Now all some one has to do is go dumper dive and they now are armed with information they can use to easily clean out my account. I think it was a poor app that screws over every one else but the account holder. I would hope my bank would reject a check from USAA deposited that way tell them to require them to send in the check itself to one of their Central processing areas the bank contracts with.
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    I kind of agree, if someone just throws your check away, and someone else gets it they have your name address signature account numbers, at that point it wouldn't be too hard to steal your identity.
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    Honestly, I think the chances of someone dumpster diving and finding your check is pretty slim. I'm not saying that it can't happen, but I'm guessing there are much easier ways to steal someone identity than finding a check from a USAA bank user that wasn't shredded. (of course, as more and more banks go this route, the chances will increase).

    My opinion is that it would be much easier for your identity to be stolen by the person you wrote the check to. After all, he's got your bank info, name and address. Heck, how about the cashier at the grocery store ... I mean there are lots of folks that pay by check at the store.

    In the end, checks just aren't that secure.

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    agreed... check cards ftw, but there are still those times that you have to pay by check..(DMV for example). But this just makes checks less secure because now the check isn't disposed of properly after it has been cashed.
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    Great application

    I just deposited 2 checks and it is really fast. It took me literally 3 minutes to deposit 2 checks in wifi with the iphone 3gs. USAA is the best bank on everything!
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    But did you shred the checks? ;)
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    yeah they are awesome. i use the online banking and deposit home with my scanner. works awesome and is so fast!
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    Who doesn't shred everything with your name on it these days? I shred everything. And, I generally don't write checks to anyone so I don't worry about them not shredding, either.

    This app is cool because I get a lot of reimbursements and it's so much easier to deposit this way. I deposited 3 checks in two days... Awesome.
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    Yeah, I shred everything that has my name on it, whether it needs to be or not. It's just fun to run the shredder every so often.

    The problem (mostly perceived) is that there's little to no incentive for the check depositor to shred the check that someone else sent him. If he's lazy, he'll just toss it in the trash.

    I agree that this is a cool application.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Also you forget that a lot of people fail to shred everything any how. Add that factor in and it gets even worse. I shred almost everything that has account information on it. Shreding things with just my name and address I do not worry as much about but that is because that information is on god knows how many public documents. For example I can easily look up a home in any county and get the taxable property value, what it was originally sold for, and every own who has ever had it all of which is public record and accessible over the internet through county records.

    but account info is another matter. Plus if it does not have your name on it the motivation is nill. I have just thrown away things that came to my apartment that was from the previous person living there. I do not even bother opening the envelope and bet some of them contained account info but for the most part it was collection agencies

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