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Dept. of Science: Something else has been living on the Space Station

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by joepunk, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Oh, My God :eek:

    I predict a bad Sci-Fi Horror movie comes true.
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    Surprised about the mosquito.

    Water bears are awesome. :)
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    interesting. wonder what would happen to a roach.
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    With or without his head? They can live headless for quite a while. Amazing.
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    with its head and healthy. be interesting to see what sort of conditions it could survive in.
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    A cockroach is like the superman of the insect world. :)
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    Too many Lois Lane's if you ask me...
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    Think about this.... do you really want to know? Wouldn't you rather be able to sleep well at night? :)
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    How scientific of an experiment could it have been when the "scientists" didnt even have the actual insect being used correct?! :confused:
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    More likely the it was "Journalists" who didn't know. What we are reading is a story where the journalist did his research by reading another new story. I seriously doubt some guy who writes for the Internet bothered to hire Russian translator and make the 2:00 am phone call to Moscow to ask the scientist.
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    Now that you put it this way, maybe not. :p
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    Old Muley

    I for one welcome our new Mosquito/Flour Beetle/Water Bear overlords.
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    Jaffa Cake

    When it's stomping Tokyo into piles of rubble, then we'll be sorry.
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    Sounds like Tokyo will be sorry... ;)
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    Why can't it be New York city this time?

    Godzirra is not going to like this. :p
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    Question: How did it survive without food?

    Don't most things normally die fairly quickly without food?
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    Has anyone seen Jeff Goldblum recently?
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