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design critique

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by rillrems, Nov 7, 2007.

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    an URL would help. :)
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    What is it supposed to be?
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    just artwork for promotion hes from canada but lives in detroit.. so thats the bridge to windsor in the background.
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    Whats with the two darkened strips randomly top and bottom? The way they cover half of the "presents" text is really fugly. No scratch that, everything about them is just fugly period. :p

    I'd say the main problem though is regardless of whether the graphics look nice or not I dont think it actually tells me anything. Is it supposed to have a time and a place for me to turn up and see this guy? I mean what exactly is the point of this thing? At the mo it tells me some person or thing presents another person or thing. Jeez great. What is the message?
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    Work out first what you are trying to say, then decide on a style that you think will best suit your message then start designing.

    I find there are plenty of people out there who just start using a tool like photoshop and wonder why the concept isn't working. You need a clear plan before designing.
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    ok so i took the stripes out made the font smaller.. The best is the name of his song. i also took out the feel duc presents im glad u guys told me that stuff cuz now you can actually see the bridge.
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    Sean Dempsey

    Try adding some lens flares, would suit your style and this piece very well.
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    Rapier wit!
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    And drop shadows, they are the botox of design....
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    hmmm... aren't you quite familiar with said techniques? :D

    I'll say it one last time... that logo works quite well without all that jazz.
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    put img tags around the url to get the picture to show like this:

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    I wasn't saying drop shadows were good or bad, I'm just saying that the good old drop shadow is the botox of photoshop design.

    You put a drop shadow in and clients love it.
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    I was just busting your balls. :D
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    We need some more background here, what is the information on here.

    who is feel duc, the artist?
    and the best? album name?

    and frostography? You?

    if I have this wrong then I think the supremacy of the information is messed up in this album.

    besides that I LOVE the Background, the speed in the backgound tells me that the artist, is not boaring, sings about interesting things, and the muted bright colors tell me that the music is relaxing but has some life, so assuming that this assumptions are right, you did a great job with the background.

    "The Best" does not work, it does not go with the general motif, it makes me think of tonka toys or one of thoes other construction worker toy sets from years ago, sorry if thats a little harsh.

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    I want to know what the thing is about too - its lacking info and what is that
    frostograpghy bit on the bottom right corner - is it your company or something and whatever it is it looks to be spelt wrong.
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    You should try a little white space. When used well it can "punch out" a design to grab attention in a way a busy full colour piece won't. :)
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    When looking @ the picture, all I could think was..

    "omg, that poor guitar! Why is he holding it like that?!?"

    I think the contrast is a bit high around the words, but it looks pretty good. :)
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    I would tend to agree with these two comments above. I love the background and artist imagery, but the text does seem a little dated and juvenile, reminds me of the title of an 80's cartoon and/or Hulkamanina.

    I would suggest changing the font and effects as well as listing the infomation so it is a little more clear. More times then not, the artist/group name is the most dominant, while the single or album is more secondary or sub text. I attached a couple examples to give you an idea of what I mean. I think the rest, background/layout/artist imagery is sound (no pun intended).


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    this is the retouched.. im not quite sure if i know what u mean by the white spots.. but i like all of your responses

    And the best is the name of his single im probably gonna just put his album name on there when he comes up with one.. but thats just on there for now. frostography is my company
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    Everyone tells you it needs more information on it so you take information away? :confused:
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    'The best' blends too much with the background in my view, even more on this new version.

    And you need more info - I haven't even got a clue what thats on about - at a guess I would think its 'the best guitar smashing at the bridge' :(
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    theres no more info to put... Its just a poster really his single is the best thats the name of the song.. i mean icould put hit single the best.. but hes not sure if thats the single hes going with.. i really just put it on here to learn some new stuff so the info part really isnt important right now.. Like for example how i was told i had too much going on that was great help. But as far as the info the best is all i got right now if he changes songs or decides to do more with the pic ill add more info
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    Not even going to put the artists name? How will people know who the artist is or what "the best" is even referring to - artist name? single? the best at something?

    A tip is to include all text in your initial layout when creating a poster. It does not have to be word for word, but you should allocate areas within the design for copy. A big mistake in design is doing a layout then throwing text over top. Your text should be part of the design process so the elements of text and imagery are cohesive.
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    Are the horozontal dark bands ment to frame the subject, like the opening of a boss stage in Mega man.

    "The Best", and the Guitar, Don't seem to flow with the Composition of the bridge cables and up turned head. The horozontal frame should play off the guitar and compose a relation to the text. good otherwise :)

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