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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by billyboy, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Hi we have had a brainstorm, or was it a brain fart, and came up with 9 designs for our company t-shirt. Our market is primarily teenagers, the catch phrase is the first of many we have lined up and the tower is our logo. Would appreciate anyone with an eye for design to take a look at them and let us know what appeals to them most.

    There is no need to give a name or email address, just select a number and send the form. The address is . Thanks.
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    ignore this post on account of my suckitude. where's my delete button??
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    The three designs at the botton are the best of the bunch. The tiny logo on the breast needs to come off all the designs - that's a big no-no. I'd suggest that if it really needs to be on there, consider the sleeve, or more popular & stylish would be on the back collar, just below the neck tape - outside centre (still tiny)

    The bottom left & right designs also need to come down by at least 20%, as they're far too overbearing at their current size. Scaling down will vastly extent their appeal.
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    Being a child myself, I'll answer you honestly here.

    Only kids whose mothers shop for them would wear those clothes, and only because they don't give a crap about what they wear or what other people think about what they wear.

    I don't know personally know anyone who would wear any of those shirts. First of all, they're plain white graphic shirts, which aren't seen very often at all. Try printing the designs on different colours.

    Very few kids would wear a shirt that says "Education: A Tattoo on The Soul"... remember the D.A.R.E. program? How many kids have you seen wearing the shirts they handed out?

    I understand that the shirts are to promote your bilingual service, but if you're going to charge for them, don't expect many kids to buy them. At all.

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    crap freakboy

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    and thanks for those opinions! and the links.

    I put the designs out there for people to blast because my co-workers who came up with the designs are 40 something adults with pretty good taste - but my feeling is, that beyond coming up with ideas and making a final decision based on quality feedback, neither I nor they have much to say about deciding teenagers' tastes in t shirts. We still get varying feedback, so cant see a clear way ahead yet, but no worries there.

    (Im actually wondering whther you guys are going to trash our upcoming website theme too come to think about it! To us teacher types here in Spain it seems pretty different, but again maybe not what youngsters outside this country have in mind? Watch this space maybe to let us know.)

    We have given t-shirts away to our visiting students as a freebie, but yes, we want to save the world with the proceeds from our eventual on-line shop, so it would help to have something on offer that our target audience, ie teenagers would gladly spend their money on.

    If you are feeling so inclined, maybe you could link to the t shirts and ask your school mates to also trash us constructively!

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    Just trying to find out some more info from anyone who can help - if logos on white t shirts are no longer hip, are cafepress and their bread and butter white t shirts a bit passé and on the way out? That was where we got the starting point from
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    Dead-center white t-shirts.. teens will not buy.

    You need some color, and some more.. teenish designs. For some reason, teens like myself enjoy t-shirts with a seemingly vintage design, or grunge-like.

    Having the design on the bottom-left side of the shirt almost always looks cool.

    Take a look at some teen shirt sites like xok Clothing and see if you can come up with something relative yet interesting.
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    i guess the designs were too simple...
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    I am digging #9...
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    My votes: 2, 4, 7, 8 or 9
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    Thanks for the feedback so far, seems like the lettering is starting to figure as a more popular choice, although popular is a relative word when it comes to the opinions of teenagers!

    I was wondering, to meet their criteria of not white, not central, maybe I shopuld look at orange shirts with the main designs at different angles in less conventional spots on the shirt. See where that takes us.

    Maybe someone has a schematic idea for a design minded interpretation of a soul, with education tattooed on it??!!
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    The designs are very bland and will not sell. There needs to be more meaning and vitality in the design. They are very 1985ish.
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    I Concur.
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    I just made a t-shirt last week, being printed as we speak.


    Of course its not for teens, but a science community, but nonetheless, NO ONE wanted a white shirt. hence I chose 4 colors, 3 of which you can see here. They compliment the overall colors of the fish.


    The image only goes on the back, in the upper third, not centered.

    It took me a long time to get the layout right, and feedback like what you get here is invaluable.
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    I dislike them all. I dislike #8 and #9 the least, however; #9 is just annoying as all hell to read.

    Ditto the comments with the others -- these look like your average white vendor/free promo t-shirts. My kid would only wear this to mow the lawn or do dirty work/paint the house. I'm pretty sure that's not what you're shooting for.
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    I totally agree. It has a good use of Typography.
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    I like some of them...some of them could use some work though
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    I like 9 the best myself and agree with this comment:

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    Teens are very fashion savvy (or at least try to be). Fortunately, T-shirts are very popular. Unfortunatley, this means your shirts have to be especially creative and unique to get teen's attention; sadly all of your shirts look like they were designed in the early 90's.

    The one major problem I had with the designs is this: you use the slogan "a tatoo on the soul," but don't play with the popularity of tatoos!
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    thanks for the grammer lessen.
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    I'm an apparel designer (not bragging just stating ;) )

    Previous posters have mentioned the white tee thing. It's used for promotions because it is the least expensive, then ash, heather and natural, then red, navy, forest, black or most expensive. the weight of the t-shirt and how the cotton is woven is the next step in garment. standard tees are about 5.6 oz with a crisp feeling before being washed and broken in.

    If you are truly trying to reach a younger audience that is fashion concerned, I suggest using these manufacturers, American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Next Level Apparel for your t-shirt blank. Otherwise the colors for this season are military colors Brown, Khaki, Olive and surprisingly a plum or burgundy.

    Threadless is a great place to start. But they are limited to 4 colors and art with no gradiation because their screens are lower mesh. When choosing a printer ask what their mesh counts are. If they say 80 and 110 then they will not be able to reproduce much beyond clip art type graphics. If they say 180 to 305 then they can print almost photo quality images/designs on a shirt. This opens up your freedom with the graphic.

    The number of spot colors used also determines your price. The printer charges per screen anywhere from 15-20 dollars. You need one screen for each color being printed.

    this is getting long, so if you want more info let me know...:)

    I can help you if you need/want it.
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    Thanks for the info so far. Opinions on the designs have been most welcome. This technical angle is particularly useful. I think it is clear these designs need some serious work to be dragged out of 1985 or more encourageingly, out the 1990's!
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    I still wear my D.A.R.E. shirt. Personally I find it funny.
    And several people have offer to buy it off me.:)

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