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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Blue Velvet, Jan 31, 2008.

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    activity 2: your debut album

    You must complete activity 1: user name before doing this one as it uses what you've done there...

    You're signed up as the first artist on Steve Job's and Jay-Z's new record label... as well as iTunes sales, they've negotiated a deal far too good to refuse, to sell your first debut album through Starbucks. You're gonna be famous!

    But you're not only a talented musician, you're also an actor, model, film-maker, author... and, of course, a talented designer. So you tell Steve that you're going to design the cover of your own CD and make it really autobiographical, an image that really captures your essence, your innermost being, as a creative artist...

    He says: sure, we love you so much, do what you like!


    • rgb jpg, max 100kb file size
    • posted only as an attached file, not linked off-site
    • a square, 550 pixels wide x 550 pixels high

    • anything you like that describes you in a visual style. A self-portrait that doesn't have to be a facial portrait. An illustrative element; image, drawing, graphic... anything you like that you feel captures something about you or your life, created in any way you like

    • somewhere within the artwork, you must include the intact typography that you created in activity 1: user name

    • give the album a title, between one and three words maximum, a title that is biographical in some way, some words that have a personal meaning for you in some way; serious, funny, surreal... Do some nice type that matches or complements your user name

    • one piece of artwork, in one post
    • all artwork is copyright of you and you alone
    • thread opens 1 february 2008

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    Continuing my last theme :)

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    carbon14, have you had problems with your medial meniscus? What's the meaning behind the title/imagery? I ask as someone who has had both ACLs I'm curious. :)
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    Yes, one knee has problems. The idea behind the title/imagery was to denote decay/fading away of my knee. Used an actual X-ray of my knee. Tried to tie into the carbon14 half-life/disappearing theme.
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    this is so exciting...i can't wait to do mine. WOOHOO!!!

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    Ooooh, I love this next assigment! What fun! I'll have to see what I can come up with, hopefully this weekend. Nice work, Carbon.
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    Here we go - time for people to think what the hell is this bloke on :D.

    Not sure I'm happy with the way images used turned out but what I wanted was not easy to find. It will do though, don't want to spend all day on the design.

    All images copyright there respective owners/artists etc.

    Text at top in case people wonder is EVER CHANGING CIRCLE.

    Design (and title) is a combination of a piece of HR Giger's work (I got into his work due to ALIEN being released in the year I was born) and I suppose easiest definition is my beliefs or elements of them.

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    Here we go

    Just about sums everything up

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    And mine....

    Done with PS and AI, from original photography of mine.

    Great assignment.

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    I like the covers already uploaded, the funny thing is that you can kind of guess which genre of music most people listen to.
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    OK. I do listen to metal/gothic but I'm currently more into my industrial stuff (ie android lust for example) - I'm quite diverse with my music tastes.
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    Here is mine.

    Just an idea, it would be fun to take all of them and turn them into an iTunes album cover like screensaver in the end.

    I like electronic, rock, some metal, actually almost anythink except hip hop and ragga.

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      - what a nerdy joke. I like it!
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    I really like all of these so far. Very nice. Now I will have to state up front I can't do anything that nice lol but you'll realize it when I finish it (start it!) and post. Glad it's not a competition!! :) Chicoweb, can you up the photo you used in it's original form so I can see how you altered it? It looks fab as a cd cover.
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    Here's mine...:cool:

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    here's mine.

    it's actually an image from a photoshoot i had a while back, but i always thought it represented me.


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    Sure, It's actually from a picture of me. Don't want to kill the thread so I won't attach it -
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    My album cover

    Here's mine, water colours used for the illustration.

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    Here's my debut album.

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    Thanks for creeping me out with a doll face. I don't know what it is but blank stares from dolls just... chucky me. :)

    I actually like this a lot. the colors are perfect, and the swap in the middle on the name and title is cool.

    I have no idea what I'm going to do for mine...
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    LOL! Me too. I picked it because it represents innocence and fear at the same time. I like the conglomeration of classical music, heavy metal, choirs bordering on opera, and brutally honest lyrics. This is probably why Evanescence is my favorite band. I also favor Bach, Linkin Park, and Tool.
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    So I'm guessing my tagline for my album can't be "Bigger than Jesus"...

    Still great image for the background.
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    Photo from a trip to HdM's DeYoung Museum a couple years ago.
    Title reflects my current research.

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    Just for fun.

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    For the sake of the design project outline, I decided to make Zaphod a girl.

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