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Desktop as a Finder?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Edot, Oct 22, 2003.

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    I have had this idea for awhile now, and I am sure others have too. If there is a way to do this I would be very excited to see it in action. I finally submitted it to Apple OS X feedback in hope that they will implement it in a future version of OS X. Here is what I submitted.

    With the release of OS X the desktop has become more and more useless as a destination to store files and access files. The Finder is a much more useful tool when it comes to finding data, and manipulating data. I would find the desktop a much more useful, and intuitive if it behaved exactly like a Finder window. However, it would not have the properties of a normal window. It would always be there in the background. Basically a Finder window instead of the current desktop. Moreover, additional Finder windows could be opened like it is currently implemented, however the Desktop Finder would always be available. I often find my self opening a Finder window to find something. Why can't the desktop be used instead? Why should I have to open a new window use the Finder's features when the background is always available and its current function is to store files. The Panther Finder would be the ultimate background instead of the current Desktop. Bring some function back to the Desktop by implementing the Finder into it.
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    Well, I quite like having a desktop actually, computers need to be fun as well, and having a nice wallpaper/desktop is IMO a part of that.
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    Agreed...we all like to see some good function. But the fun and styale is a big part of the Apple culture. Apple spares no expense to make what they have look good.

    Apple's look and style gives their computers "curb appeal". It helps every get inside and see whats happening and see how good it is.

    The inside needs to look as good as the outside. When all the programs are closed...they need to be just that...closed. Who wants to show off their toy with the guts of their finder showing.
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    From the way you explain it, the desktop is exactly what you want, the way it is. Do you have your preferences set to show disks mounted? You can just double click on your hard drive icon to access something, like the way it was back in the day before OS X. You can have folders and aliases (shortcuts) to folders on the desktop. It is a finder window that is always open in the background. If you go to your home folder, you'll see it is just an ordinary Finder folder, just that its always available in the background as well.
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    This is exactly the problem! Why should I have to open a new window to access the contents of a folder. Why isn't column view, action button, real-time searching part of the desktop, so I don't have to have to open a window when there is one right in front of me!? Plus OS X allows background pictures in Finder windows so it can also look good. I am sure Apple would not make it sloppy.
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    IS this what you mean????

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    When you are actually working on your computer the desktop is covered by windows anyway. I am not saying there could not be an option to have it the old way, or even some sort of toggle button incase you want to sit and stare at your desktop background.:D
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    Yes, but there is no need for a title bar and resizing. I just wish it wasn't something you had to work around just built in. That way I can't accidentally close it.
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    Looking at Archaeopteryx's image.... that'll be exactly the reason why you want a nice Aqua blue, neat and tidy desktop :D

    Maybe Macintosh Explorer is the answer for Edot?
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    LOL, are you trying to say my desktop is messy :p
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    I think he's trying to say it Windows :eek: :p :D
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    What does Windows have to do with this? I am really surprised that no one finds this useful. What is the advantage of the current Desktop other than a desktop wallpaper?
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    Nothing to do with windows: just mentioning neat and tidy :D No offence intended.
    Macintosh Explorer does the same thing, so maybe you're helped with this little app.
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    I don't understand why there has to be an advantage? :confused: A desktop is a desktop, you can keep links and files there that you use frequently, you can have nice desktop pictures, if you want access to your whole system it's just a click away. I really don't understand why you feel there is such a need for this. Why on earth would I want to sit looking at a (relative) butt ugly finder full of folders/files/drives and they icons and labels when I can look @ a nice hi-res pc of Heidi Klum? ;) :D
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    My coumpter has windows XP on it.. the pic I posted is a picture of windows.. So.. what windows has to do with it is basicly that he thinks my picture looks messy :p I think it would be a great idea if it has the ability to turn it off.. I personally like the desktop how it is.. but if some people like the function of a finder like desktop... hey who am I to disagree :-D So.. I hope your idea is picked up :p
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    Isn't that the whole point of computers? Why was OS X even created if there was no need for an advantage over OS 9?

    Anyway, I work on lots of things at the same time and use the finder a lot. This would just be one less window to be crawling though. I guess no one that has posted really has a use for this, but I think there are people that do.:D By the way are there that many people who seriously sit and look at their desktop picture?:confused: Isn't that what a screen saver is for? So your computer looks nice while you are not using it.
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    I didn't say I didn't see the advantage of the evolution of operating systems :rolleyes:, I said I didn't see any need to change the basic function of the "desktop".
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    Amen, I agree wholeheartedly. With a widescreen you can get a nice layout picture without all the fluffy scene behind her on top and bottom. Fits perfectly :D
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    Who would want a bar at the bottom of there screen to hold aliases and minimized windows? Then I couldn't constantly see the toenails of my hot girl desktop. :rolleyes:

    I think the lack of Finder-like Desktop functions is another reason peoples' desktops are so filled with icons.
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    Try MaxMenus (it is on Version Tracker). . . it may do something similar to what you're intending as far as accessing files, folders, launching programs and the like.
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    Maybe this?

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    FRS (Finder Replacement Software)

    Might want to try this . Haven't checked it myself, but it sounds quite promising, or doesn't it?

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    Re: FRS (Finder Replacement Software)

    Hmm, that Matrix finder replacement sounds and looks alot like Path Finder, only IMO Path Finder looks better.

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