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Desktop Icons

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by rising j, Nov 20, 2008.

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    I cut these icons out from a desktop screen shot, and have been trying to locate icons like this for the past week...any ideas where this could be from? This is driving me nuts.....:(


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    shoulda asked me :)

    slickdrives FTW lol
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    The same person on devianart has folders that are similar if you want to make a theme
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    HAHAHA I cropped out that section from you desktop image!!! I got your desktop from the November Desktop thread...:D

    Didn't mean to steal!! :p
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    ya i saw that! :)
    lets see a screen shot when ur all done, maybe i can get some ideas off u too
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    Those are some sexy icons! Thanks.
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    I ended up using the white shiny version of these icons (to match my desktop)...they look just as good . What a nice set of icons...anyways here's my desktop and icons...

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    Any chance you can post that walpaper/
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    here you go...

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    I need more Icon

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