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Desktop sata in a mac mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by elec999, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Anyone managed to put a desktop sata drive in a mac mini. Is there any laptop sata to desktop sata adapter. I want to put a raptor in my mac mini (of course the actual hard drive will not fit the mac mini, so it will be external). Anyone got any guides. Or anyone know if firewire will be as a fast as sata.
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    Maxwell Smart

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    missed it by T H A T much...:p

    was going to post the same links. like the last one with the mini stack hack, but wonder about the heat of a raptor in that little case. those things run toasty!

    pics when you get done please.
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    A Raptor should be fine in a MiniStack. There is actually a bit of breathing room on the top and sides of the enclosure, and the exhaust fan seems to help as well. The drive is also mounted on a sort of heatsink that protrudes from the bottom of the enclosure and carries a good bit of heat from the drive.

    You could further decrease the temp by not sitting the mini on top of the ministack as well. The mini's southbridge chip basically uses the bottom of the case as it's heatsink, and the base gets fairly warm.

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