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Discussion in 'iPod' started by youngestchild, Mar 1, 2006.

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    i wish they'd add a detailed track info screen for viewing on an ipod... can it be done with a simple download update? sometimes i want to know what bitrate a song is ripped at from my ipod screen (slide it in between the 'rating' and 'artwork' screens or something) that'd be neat. please!
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    that would be cool. something i'd like to add to that is how many times i've listened to a song along with the bitrate.
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    yeah! well, i guess if they move to wireless, where you can download songs straight to your ipod from the net then this kind of funtion will come. but when?!
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    not sure i understand that completely but are you saying like the Gen 6 ipods have bluetooth internet connection in them to wirelessly connect to the itunes music store from the ipod so you can download them directly to the ipod? itunes music store directly on the ipod would be awesome
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    i for one wish it would show the composer. i listen to alot of orchestral music and i can't tell you how annoying it is not to see the composer. i mean, how hard would it be to put in a little menu to decide what will be displayed?
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    jkelly888, yeah i guess that's the idea. I'm pretty sure i read something like that somewhere... not sure if it was a rumor or a wish tho!

    plinkoman, maybe they could merge the 'view' (ie show: 'kind', 'bitrate','playcount' etc) screen from itunes with the 'settings/main menu' screen on the ipod to create a completely user defined display menu... want bit rate? tick a box, want composer? tick a box, don't want star ratings? untick a box etc.

    basically if you can do it in itunes you should be able to do it on yr ipod. i'm sure there are somethings that can't be replicated, of course...

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