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Details on new FW800 Power Mac's logic board

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by imaswitcheryeah, Feb 3, 2003.

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    I'm a Apple tech. in training, and I wanted to check out the details of the innards of the new Power Macs. I've noticed a couple things that are different in the new logic boards and wanted to discuss:

    The AGP slot now has a second power connector(?). I put a question mark because I am not sure if that is actually what it is. Also, by the bluetooth module (pretty much the same as what the airport card is, meaning its a small card (module, whatever) that connects through a connection similar to a fan connector, and has an antenna that connects to it exactly like the airport antenna), there is a new fan connector called "external fan connector". Now, that is really confusing. I see that they have taken some steps to solve the high noise problems in the origional MDD's, but why are they adding an external fan connector?? I've never heard of such a thing? And is it really external?:confused: They don't show anything else about this as I went through the whole service guide and there is nothing else on the external fan connector. All there is, is the logic board diagram and the ext. fan connector is labeled. Anyone care to discuss?

    ps.. I would post pictures of the diagrams but I dont think apple would be too happy. I dont think talking about this is bad because if I had bought a FW800 PM, I would notice these things and still point them out. I'm sure I would have no idea what the ext. fan connector was called, but I do, and that's... ok. I hope.
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    Why would they be mad at you for posting pics of it?

    It's not like it's secret tech or anything.
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    The power connector near the AGP slot is most likely for video cards with monster fans on them, such as the new GeForce FX card. Allowing the fan to pull power directly from the mobo rather than through the vid card is preferable to drawing tons of power through the AGP bus.

    Can you distinguish any of the other things you mentioned in this picture?

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    Yeah... they officaly released it...

    Apple only gets pissed if you post pics of models that *haven't* come out yet...

    Apple has no beef with that.
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    I can see the extra AGP power connector in the picture you posted. That is not used for fans, it is used because, for example, the GeForce FX pulls down 75W... way too much for standard AGP. PC Radeon 9700's and GeForce FX's have an extra plug where you can plug in power from hard-drive-style power connections.
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    Thanks for clearing that up. I just wasn't sure. I'll post the diagrams in a minute.:)
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    MDD Logic Board

    kinda small... took me forever to get the right size so I could post it

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    Sun Baked

    What revision number of UniNorth chip does this version have?
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    FW800 Logic Board

    this picture is horrible!! its the best I can do..

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    Is that the "agere" chip?
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    Sweet Jesus those pics are bad, give them to someone who has a site w/ hosting.
    :)slaps self: ask arn if he'll let you post the full ones:)

    I can barily read that... ech.
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    Holy crap i am sorry... i had a little trouble with graphic converter... ill try to do something better.. gimme a minute, or hour.........
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    OK, you bastards... :p

    Go here for LARGE READABLE pics of the logic boards:

    Have fun looking at my honeymoon pictures as well!!;)

    EDIT!!! I've added pictures of the blutooth modules to the page. They are also from the service manual.. check it out..
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    damn girl, you da man!! i mean... woman!!

    You must have used your magic silver high heel to do that. Now no one is going to see my honeymoon pictures.. :p
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    Gorgeous pics. What connects to the external fan connector when it is in the case? It must be difficult to get to.

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