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Dexim Visible Green iPhone Cable Makes Charging More Visible

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 31, 2012.

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    While most USB-charged Apple products like the iPhone and iPad come with a USB charging cable in the box, there is a thriving third-party market for these easily lost accessories. Dexim's $20 Visible Green USB-Dock Connector cables have a distinctive twist: they use electroluminescence to "visibly show the electrical current flowing through the cable". Completing the illusion is the fact that there are multiple speeds that the current can "flow", adjusting with the battery life of the device it's charging.

    While perhaps not the most practical iPhone charger, particularly for bedside nighttime charging, the Visible Green cable is certainly the coolest.

    Dexim's Visible Green cables are available via a number of retailers, including Amazon and others.

    Article Link: Dexim Visible Green iPhone Cable Makes Charging More Visible
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    wow the child in me is freaking out!!!! MUST BUY!!! I NEED that!!!
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    It's blue.
  4. Shrink, Jan 31, 2012
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    As a calm, mature, adult, silly things like that little cable make me glad that I am a calm, mature adult. No calm, mature adult would ever have anything to do with a silly little cable like that.

    Ne siree, not us mature adults.

    Nope, not us adults.

    (Now, how fast can this calm, mature adult click on my Amazon bookmark! :eek: :p)

    Edit: Went to Amazon and read the reviews. According to one reviewer the cable is only 2 feet long. (The one that comes with your iPhone is 3' 4") No good for my purposes. And anyway, we mature adults don't use stuff like that. DAMN!
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    That would be perfect as a charger for dudes with pimped Civics and tiny gonads...
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    Must have one! Also... loving the USB Wall Plugs.... hummm.... might have to add one of those to the house too. Never seen one before! Love it!
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    That is pretty cool.
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    ugh..i just wanted to order one for my car.

    well, at least I don't have a pimped civic. I have a Diesel Jetta Stationwagon in brown:eek:
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    I have a left hydrocele. Believe me, one of my gonads is wwaayy larger than yours.

    Of course, after the surgery to correct the condition - you will probably be right.:eek: :p
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    I would like to call it gimmicky and a cheap trick...however...

    I want it!!!!! So cool!!!!!!
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    Looks cool, I used to have a blue LED printer cable when I was in my college dorm, but it was quite annoying at night. With this one moving and all that would be even more annoying.

    But still looks cool other than that :D
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    I always knew electricity was blue.
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    The fact that there is absolutely zero mention of cable length should tell you something about the target audience here. Form over function
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    Anonymous Freak

    And in what is probably an industry first, the iPhone version costs 1/3 the non-iPhone version!

    On Amazon, the USB-to-Dock-Connector version of this is $15-$20. The USB-to-mini-USB (for every other cell phone on the planet,) is $60!!
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    Because of the fact I buy crap like this, I have no option but to drive worn out chevy malibu. With that said, this would be awesome in my worn out chevy malibu.
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    Wow, this is pretty cool :D
    I don't mind that it's not long, I charge my iPod right next to my MacBook Pro.
    It would be cool if the lights were a bit more subtle (less bright) because it's a bit like a christmas tree, and maybe a white color would be better for Apple stuff than blue, but it's still really cool, for fun :)
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    Amazon has several different ones for the US, including this one from NewerTech. It is UL Listed. Might get one or more myself now. Not sure about the cable :)
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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 5_0_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A405 Safari/7534.48.3)

    Ok. That's pretty kickass. Too bad the wife has to have pitch blackness to sleep. Might have t get one for work.
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    To me, the flow is backwards, flowing from the device to the wall.
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    This is a really stupid idea.

    I want one!

    Not enough to buy it, but feel free to give me one :)

    (I would buy a dock extender cable with a nice strong pivoting head, for charging during tilt-games while connected to the DVI adapter... good luck finding that!)
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    Someone has watched too many Buck Rogers episodes!
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    I wouldn't want that to be my only cable, but when the rare need for pimpness presented itself... :D

    Pretty neat.
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    I think its cause its in australia if the wall sockets anything to go by ... everythings backwards down there ... everything !! :)
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    you don't say? From whence do you draw these keen insights?


    I'm assuming it's GreenSmart as in "eco friendly," like eco-switches and the laptop chargers that shut off and let your battery drain when it's fully charged. *shudder.*

    Not saying these do... But way more excited about glowing things I don't need that are blue.
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    Silly. Ordering one ASAP :D

    Doh! The black/blue is backordered through Amazon.

    FYI about the USB outlets, the ones I've seen don't appear to have any surge suppression, so we use one of the small surge/outlet/USB port type products (like from Belkin). Figured _some_ protection is better than none[?]

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