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Discussion in 'Games' started by mac15, Sep 21, 2002.

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    Please help, I've tried to install Diablo 2 forever now and it still won't work

    I get a stupid speed error message, when I install it and its really annoying

    please help its a cool game and I want to play it, thanks if you help
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    You want to know why you have gotten no help so far? Because you are being about as vague as vague can be.

    "Please help, I've tried to install Diablo 2 forever now and it still won't work"

    When you say it "won't work", do you mean it won't start up, it won't start when you begin a game, or is there something wrong within the game?

    "I get a stupid error message, when I install it, and it's really annoying."

    Ah, now we're getting somewhere. It's during the installation. But what is the error message? It may seem stupid to you, but that will let you know (and those on the forums) what the heck is wrong with your game.

    Also, the FIRST thing you should post are your system specs, including your system version. We can't tell you what kind of conflicts it may involve unless we get the low-down on your computer.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but you can't expect anyone to help you unless you help them.
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    A speed error message? Be a little more specific. Are you installing on a computer that's below a G3?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Does diablo2 run in X or is it only in OS9? I have Diablo, and haven't played it in a while - even got the expansion set, its was a good game and held my attention through almost 2 complete run throughs.

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    I remember reading a while back about a patch getting released to have Diablo II run on X but I haven't heard much since then. I think it is set to be released soon though.
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    There is a patch for OSX-it is already out. I'm almost completely positive.

    But that's a good idea-run it in OSX and see what happens.
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    I can't install it, my bro put that up, he forgot to log out

    I get a 'can't create file error', which was

    Support: Speech couldn't be created
    I've tried to install it in classic , OS9 , with another user and no luck

    hope this helps
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    diablo 2 installation code??

    hey do any of u guys know what the 16 character installation code for diablo 2 is?? Or is there different codes for each game like different accounts??
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    It's different for every copy of the game. The CD key is printed on the main CD sleeve (for the original Diablo II) and the CD case (for Lord of Destruction). If you don't have the CD cases you're out of luck.* We can't discuss illegally obtaining CD keys on this forum.

    *Even so, a new copy of D2 is what, 20 bucks?

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