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Diablo 2

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by mistashizzle, May 24, 2007.

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    Are there special install CDs for Diablo 2, the CDs I have now say mac, but I do not see where to install.
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    there is an OS X installer that you can download from Blizzard's site, let me see if i can find it...

    edit: here.
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    Ok, I got it installed, but when I get it running the picture is completely screwed up.
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    when you launch it, there should be an option for Open GL and Software rendering, choose software.
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    Awesome, got that to work.

    Now I'm unable to connect to Battle.net though, any ideas?
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    now that i don't know about. i haven't used Battle.net since the game came out.
    sorry. hopefully someone else might have an idea though.
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    I take that back, it is just US-East that I can't connect to. Is the server down or might it be my location (US-East [PA])
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    After two years Diablo II has lured me back! I just reinstalled D2 and LOD using the OSX/Carbon Installer this weekend.

    I also decided to try Battle.net for the first time! I conSadly, when I try to connect to USEast it doesn't connect. I have no firewall and no router. Also when I look at the list of servers I only see USEast... does anyone know what the problem may be and how I can connect?

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    Kermit the frog

    Is there anyway to make Diablo II to work with Intel macs?
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    it works fine
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    As long as you don't try to use hardware rendering in full-screen mode.

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    ^ Anyone?
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    Diablo 2 .

    when i put in the disk "CD 1 'INSTALL DISK" and click the icon that pops up on the Desktop, i click "Diablo 2 Installer" it says "You cannot open the program "Diablo 2 Installer" because 'Classic' no longer exists"

    What do i do ? -.-

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    you need the OS X installer, it should still be linked in post #2. ;)
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    This was true for a long time, but has been resolved in Patch 1.12 which shipped a few weeks ago. OpenGL mode runs correctly on Intel Macs once again.
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    OpenGL has never worked on an intel Mac before. This is the first time it is running correctly.

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    Still won't work with nVidia cards on 10.5.3/10.5.4
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    It works if you replace the new drivers with the old ones.
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    D2 works great in OpenGL with millions of colors on my aluminum INtel Imac OS/X 10.5.4.
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    Won't work on my 2.2GHz MBP

    I have a 2.2GHz Intel MacBook Pro with 2GB ram running 10.5.4
    I installed Diablo 2 and expansion using the os x installer, and it completed installation. i then proceeded to install the 1.12 patch for D2, it installed and, i opened D2 and it "quits unexpectedly" as soon as it opens. I read something about openGL that makes it work, but i don't know what it is or how i use it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks :)
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    I can't get my Macbook Pro to display the screen without distorting it badly. Is there anyway to letterbox and scale so I can enjoy the game at its intended aspect ratio?
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    I'm having the same problem w/ my 2.4 GHz MacBook, but I haven't installed the patch yet. Blast it all. I really wish I had a copy of Windows XP right now so I could just use boot camp.
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    This seems like an appropriate thread for my post. i have been watching the development of diablo 3 and it looks fantastic. i am not so much a gamer as I used to be ... family and work get in the way, so I have to be very selective of my gaming time. Blizzard has never let me down and will probably only buy their games going forward. i am going to buy Starcraft 2 for sure when it comes out. I occasionally play civ 4, but have stayed away from WoW in order to save my marriage :).

    So, should I buy Diablo 2 for Mac and run through it in anticipation of Diablo 3? How does it run under 10.4 on a Al imac?
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    How did you get it to work? I've been getting the "quit unexpectedly" error that many people are getting. I have the new Aluminum 24" iMac with Leopard 10.5.4. Did you have to do anything special? I'd rather not mess around with rolling back my video drivers. Even when I try to hold down the option key while launching the game to select open GL, the game still quits unexpectedly a second after I click on it.

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