Diablo 3 Beta on a Mac Book Pro 15" 2011 (MONK)

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by ndonnine, Nov 15, 2011.

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    So I got a beta invite yesterday. Made a 15 min video. Here's a link so ya'll can see what the grahpics/stutter are. I have it set at medium textures and had a few programs in the background. Slow down is minimal, texture settings between High and Medium are almost impossible to see. Not sure why but it helped it the frame rate A LOT.

    The game started witha fairly awful frame rate, and i exited. Once i restarted the game from the launcher it ran smooth, very smooth. It's impressive.


    I also would like any ideas/information on how to do a better recording. I used QUICKTIME on the macbook with the microphone recorder. because of the resolution difference I can't get my quicktime to record the ENTIRE screen it cuts off the right and bottom.. Not sure why.

    Any Ideas/info would be great! Enjoy. If you have beta questions or would like me to make a video of something else so you can see i'd be happy to. I'm going tot ry to level the MONK all the way and go through all his abilities.

    Enjoy guys!:D

    2.2 GHZ Intel Core i7
    AMD 6750M 1024MB
    Lion OSX
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    Looks awesome! Thanks for posting the video. Look forward to your updates.
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    It really looks great......can someone post a video for iMac 2010 i3(by condition that he is in the beta)
    Looking forward on playing Diablo 3
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    Very nice.. Do we have a launch date yet?
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    1440x900 medium and choppy. Real weird. I do Starcraft 2 1680x1050 High and get FPS solid minimum of 30 unless it's really huge. Averaging 50-55 in multiplayer. SC2 should be more demanding than this, if you look at the models and spell effects. What's UP???
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    It's a beta, thats whats up.

    Great game, looking forward to playing it religiously (not really).
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    God I'd hope it wasn't gonna run well, there goes my life...
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    I haven't tried playing the beta since the last patch released a few weeks ago (busy finishing my Master's thesis). But the previous build ran fine (~30fps) on my 15" mid-2009 MBP (512MB 9600M GT). Granted it didn't run as smoothly as my desktop (Core i5 with ATI 5850) but it was definitely playable and looked fantastic. I set the resolution to native (1440x900) with the textures at medium and the frame-rate hoovered around 30fps the entire time. I had a few instances of stuttering but nothing that detracted from the game or resulted in an unwanted death. When the game loaded initially, it would be very choppy/stuttering, but after a short while the game would stabilize. This may have gotten worse in the latest build. I imagine performance would be better under boot camp, but haven't had the time to install the beta client and find out. The performance on OS X is significantly better then Starcraft II which ran horribly for me and forced me to install it under boot camp.

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