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Diablo II problems on Intel+OS X

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Jasonbot, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I bought and installed Diablo II and Lord of Destruction with the OS X installer. After that I proceeded to install the 1.11b (carbon) updater. All of this went off without hassle.

    The problem comes in when I tried to create any expansion only character (Assassain+Druid) doing so would crash the game at the loading screen. Any thing I tried failed including creating a character on a working computer's Diablo II and moving it over to mine. So I gave up and created an Amazon in exansion mode. I made it to the fifth act alright but then I picked up an awesome weapon which, when I try to equip it, will crash the game.

    Does any one know how to fix it? I've already tried a reinstall. That didn't work. And: Has anyone else been affected by the same problems?
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    Lord Blackadder

    That is strange...Ever since I reinstalled Diablo II on my PowerMac G4 a few months ago I've had problems. Performance is fine but it crashes fairly often. The game will often hang, with the music skipping, for up to 3 minutes, after which it will be fine. After killing Diablo on Normal difficulty the game gung for 5 minutes, and then was fine...but sometimes the game just crashes. At first I thought my GPU was overheating, but it is running within its usual temperature ranges, so I'm pretty sure it is a software issue.

    It may simply be that OS X 10.4 has some issues with Diablo II, and considering that they have long since halted further development for the game I don't expect Blizzard to release any more bug fixes.

    I don't know what to recommend, other than backing up your characters and reinstalling the game - but you've done that. Try reinstalling and running it without the 1.11b updater and see if the same crashing happens.
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    Will my saves still work if I don't install the 1.11 updater again? Surely there could be some problems with that?
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    That is a strange problem. I've installed d2+expansion with no problems.
    I experience crashing from time to time but never from creating new characters or picking up items.

    Best thing to do is try to change some options such as resolution or video settings. Also I find playing in window mode (Apple + M) tends to have few problems.
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    Are you running Diablo on Intel or PPC? I get the same issues whether in windowed mode or not. Th eonly difference is taht when in windowed mode I get an error screen, in full screen I just get freezing.

    Error message:
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    I'm running Intel, but I also ran it on PPC. I got the same error message. It only occurred when I switched between window mode and full screen while playing. Have you tried making the druid or assassin through battlenet? do you get the error msg?

    Don't know whether this will make a difference but I made an image of the expansion CD on my Hard Drive. So whenever I would play I would just mount the image.
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    I few things to watch out for:

    1. There are two separate patches for Diablo II and the expansion pack. The Expansion pack patches are typically labeled LOD*.dmg. The standard version is labelled Diablo_2*.dmg. Depending on how you installed and patched the game you may have accidentally installed the standard patch over an expansion pack installation. This would causes crashes any time you do anything with the Assassin and Druid classes.

    2. There's a bug in the game which causes the game to crash if you run on an Intel Mac with OpenGL rendering. To work around it use software rendering. Start up the game and hold down either command or option (it's one of them) if you disabled the dialog box that usually pops up if you start the game. You should be able to change the renderer used.
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    It seems I have the incorrect patch. No wonder all my icons looked like D2 icons:eek: Ill fix it up and post the results.
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    Lord Blackadder

    Hmm, good call on that. Hopefully that will solve your problems.
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    I keep getting that message too, it usually happens when I try to play with other people but sometimes even when im in a battlenet room by myself it'll display this message. I heard somewhere that if you re-install it but only install the 1.10 patch that it'll work fine but everytime I install diablo 2 and patch it, it patches 1.11. Anyone know how to get around that?
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    Any update on this?
    I reinstalled Diablo 2 on my Intel iMac and got everything up and running except it always freezes when I try to load the expansion. When I run it in a window, I get the same fatal error that others are seeing.
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    I recently installed Diablo II and the Expansion pack on my Mac using the OS X Installer. I then downloaded the expansion patch from the Apple website. It installed fine but when I try to run it, it says, "The application Diablo II quit unexpectedly" and asks if I want to relaunch it. I've tried reinstalling it but that didn't work. Does anybody know what I can do to fix this?
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    No, I have an Intel GMA X3100. Thanks for the help though.
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    the gma x3100 also does not support 256 colors. you will have problems with alot of oldergames with this machine. unless some came out with a patch.
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    The installer linked about 4 posts above, does work for intel GMA X3100's, read the page and it will confirm it. It was originally designed for nVidia cards, but it was later discovered that the process works for intel cards as well.

    Do not uninstall the drivers through as it may break. You do not need to uninstall them anyway as any future updates will overwrite the drivers no matter what version they are.

    If you do need to revert back, please download the 10.5.4 combo update and install it over the top (may need to install a security patch after this).
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    the exact same thing happened to me. how do you fix this problem
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    diablo 2 unexpectedly quits repeatedly

    Diablo 2 repeatedly says it quit unexpectedly on my macbook intel core duo osx 10.5.5 as i've seen this problem is common. can anyone help?
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    This is a problem with the x3100 integrated graphics chip. Blizzard is working on a fix and should have something for us by the end of the year (according to rbarris). There's another D2 thread here about this, with more details.
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    We're evaluating the idea of a beta release for the fix, single player or LAN only, no battle.net mode - let us know if this would appeal to you while the final patch is being constructed.
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    Nah I'd say dont waste the time... I'm pretty sure all of us play on BNET except the jerks who illegally own the game so it wouldn't really help any of us. We'll just waste for the BNET patch please :)
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    If it wouldn't take away from the time line of the final patch, I say "Yes, please!" It would give us something to use in the mean time. For myself, I never play on Battle.net...only solo and local IP games.
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    Same here, I rarely play on b.net. Ermm...played (can't play right now!)
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    that would be a great idea. i only play solo so that would be very helpful. ive missed playing d2.

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