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    Dictionary now comes with American English and British English Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus. You can change the setting in the preferences pane. That's interesting....
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    Finally. Been waiting for a British dictionary for a year already. Not that the American one doesn't work-it automatically provides both versions of the spelling of a word.
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    OED and Thesaurus to come with the OS? That actually looks like a useful real world improvement. Does it say whether its the concise/ shorter/ dictionary of version?
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    Awesome! Never expected OED on there.
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    It doesn't. All it says are the sources being: "New Oxford American Dictionary", "Oxford American's Writers Thesaurus" , "Oxford Dictionary of English", and "Oxford Thesaurus of English".
    And for our Japanese friends, looks like there are more dictionaries as well. (Japanese, Japanese synonyms, and Japanese-English)
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    Having more substantial reference tools is actually something I could get excited about- and particularly from such a reputable source like the OUP.

    Although unlikely, I'd be very happy to be able to reference the full OED on a per-hit or shorter subscription term than currently offered. (£205+vat/year or £53+vat/quarter is far too steep for my liking).

    Still, those bundles sound like excellent value-added!
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    Open In Dictionary

    Is it me or is the highlight work and Open In Dictionary unresponsive in Lion. Because every time i do it, nothing happens.
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    No I don't think it is just you. I already filed a bug report about dictionary not opening when you select "look up in dictionary"

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