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Did any Mac people get into the Warcraft 3 Beta?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by WannabeSQ, Mar 3, 2003.

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    My (PC) friend did, and it is awesome, even being slightly unbalanced, but there is a whole new depth to it. It's not all finished, but what is there is fun fun fun.
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    Not yet, I hope I get picked
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    they have already picked the people. if you havent gotten an email by now you are not in. i didnt really care, warcraft games are getting old. build, produce and kill. its just getting pointless to me. but with the choice of games on the mac, we dont have much of a choice.

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    :mad: no i didn't get in...!!!
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    Me, and all my friends signed up 10.24 seconds after the beta signup started. (I wrote the sad kiddy script).

    So far we haven't go in for any Beta, WCIII, SC, BW... many non-blizz games.

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    i did, but i've not got a mac to play it on until on or before 3.13.2003.
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    Nope -- No offer to me.
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    I got it :D

    Damn, theres some balance issues though. The new Night Elf and Human heroes are really overpowered :eek:
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    I will buy it off you for 10 bucks :)
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    I tried and tried after a friend let me know, but couldn't.
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    Yes please, if not More ;) ;) ;)

    Share the wealth... well atleast LOOKing at it. :D
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    All right, I'll post some low-res screenies.

    Hold on while I obtain some...
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    Unfortunately I couldn't even sign up. I obtained the game one day after the sign ups closed.:(

    Oh well, I've got a friend who made it, and I probably wouldn't have got it anyways.;)
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    I'm sure the Beta is making its way around the web. ;)
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    One workaround, if you just wanna play, is find a friend who trust you, and get their key, and play on the other realm, you can both play at the same time one on usa/europe realm, one on asia realm, but don't tell blizzard. Works for me!

    Still some balance issues, but the gameplay is definately different, BTW, how do you capture screenies, someone said the game can do it, but it saves it as a nonstandard (ie not jpeg) once i get some (what do you wanna see?) ill post em on my .Mac page


    it will be there eventually (i got some replays in my file sharing page)
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    Actually it is free to DL, but you need a cd key, so find a friend.
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    No point in trying to pirate the beta, it's online only and you need a valid beta tester CD key.

    I'll be happy to field any questions about the beta.

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    dont be so sure, there are ways around that, hehe.

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    I got in and i think it is so cool - love the blood elves and they did take the heros power down.

    now if only blizzard would make a mac version of world of warcraft:rolleyes:

    (I know they might but I want a Yes we will from them)
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    Need more Screenshots...
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    Just for people who haven't seen he Readme or want to see it here it is.

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    Nevermind then... :mad:
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    don't have beta, no problem

    This only works for Windows, but there is a way to play the expansion beta I think as long as you have a War3 cd. Basically you play on the "Warforge" servers, rather than Battle.net.

    Go to http://www.blizzbuzz.net

    The instructions aren't too difficult, just download beta, the updates, and stuff to connect to Warforge servers.

    I hope I don't get addicted to the beta!

    (oh yeah and if this is kinda a frowned upon post, my apologies. Please delete)
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