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Did anyone get a "Prepared for Shipment" for the new MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by blackgmc, Jan 19, 2008.

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    I just read on the Apple Discussions Forums that someone said that there MBA was "Prepared for Shipment". Just checking to see if this is true ? I hope they will be in the stores by next week.
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    yes, i posted it in the other thread:
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    Just checked.. Mine says that too...


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    you guy's think the stores will have them this week ?
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    That would be great, I really want to lay my hand down on one of those before buying :D
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    Just checked mine..
    "prepared for shipment as well"
    however I don't know what it said before that as I never checked it..
    I would think that if they had a bunch out for display at macworld...more than likely the stock was being prepared, if not already prepared at that time.
    Hopefully they will be shipping soon!
  7. macrumors demi-god

    before it said "not yet shipped"
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    OMG OMG OMG I would be so excited if we can get it this week!
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    mine says "not yet shipped"

    but i ordered the 1.8 with SSD, and ordered it at about midnight, not right after the keynote

    ... please post your order time / config if your's says "repaired for shipment"

    ... hopfully this means mine will be in that state by tomorrow afternoon :)
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    mine says "prepared for shipment"
    i ordered on Jan 15th at 10pm
    macbook air 1.6 80gb
    ship to vancouver canada
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    well thats good news.. i ordered after you then...

    but now when i try to look at my status it says this

    "Thank you for shopping at the Apple Online Store
    Apple's Online and phone Order Status services are temporarily unavailable due to a scheduled upgrade to our systems.

    We apologize for any inconvenience."

    maybe by morning i will see the glorious words :)
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    just got the same message. I assume we can check back in a few hours and all will be well. It's now 3:54 in California. :cool:

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    I got the 1.6/80GB model.

    Order placed at 1/15 1:09pm MST, mine also shows "Prepared for Shipment".

    Any guesses where these are shipping from? SE Asia?
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    Mine is Prepared as well. Ordered 7:16 PM Pacific on Tuesday. 1.6/80 gig model.

    Awesome that Apple is getting them out quicker than expected. Hope the Apple TV update will be out sooner as well.
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    starting to think that the SSD's will take longer :(
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    mine also said not yet shipped, now prepared for shipment!

    would be great if these shipped sooner than the expected 2-3 weeks!
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    If they're prepared I can't see Apple sitting on them for two weeks! That would suck:eek:
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    I emailed Amazon to see what the update is with them. Maybe by tomorrow Amazon will have something.

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