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Did Apple not charge me for shipping?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mike828, Sep 7, 2010.

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    My invoice said:

    SubTotal: $299.00
    Tax: $22.05
    Shipping Charge: $16.00
    Total: $337.05

    I purchased overnight shipping. But, my debit card statement says Apple charged me $319.93. $299 + 7% sales tax = $319.93

    Maybe they will add the shipping charge later. I don't know.

    Also, my expected delivery is September 9 by 10:30am. That appears to be when you should get it with overnight shipping.
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    I chose 2-day shipping for an exta $10, and also had 7% sales tax (NJ). I was charged the same amount as you...weird. My delivery is also scheduled for Thursday by 10:30am.
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    I got charged twice for shipping - the $16 as part of the whole order plus tax, then a seperate shipping + tax transaction.
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    7% sales tax, lucky, im payin 8.7%
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    I was now billed $17.12 for overnight shipping.

    I'm a little annoyed since some people that chose free shipping have received their ipods, while mine won't be arriving until tomorrow.

    I guess I should not have ordered from apple.com, and went to Best Buy instead. They are currently in stock at my Best Buy store.
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    Mine still hadn't even been prepared for shipping, depsite being charged double overnight shipping. So I cancelled it, walked into the Apple store and three minutes later was done.

    Very bad online experience. The iPhone 4 and iPad shipping went perfect, but this one got fouled up badly.
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    My charges were two seperate ones.. $17 came a day later then the 316 charge.

    Mine came today ( a day earlier then supposed to)

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