Did i miss something with the free iPod touch promotion?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mikejd1, Aug 25, 2010.

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    But when i just got it in the mail, it is the 2nd gen??? When i loaded ios 4 on it, no multi-tasking nor background wallpaper.

    Is this true?
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    well that's crap, and misleading :(
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    Not really. It was clearly spelled out, and it's what they do every year. What were you expecting to happen? I'm curious what you thought you were getting? The current 8GB model IS a 2nd gen. I don't see where you feel you've been misled.
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    I missed the part that said "Free iPod touch, of the latest generation, that will run multitasking and wallpapers."

    Was that in the fine print?
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    i dunno, maybe i did it too fast, or assumed, which is why assuming is not good. But it doesn't clearly spell this out. And why is an 8gig 2nd gen iPod touch $199.99 anyway?

    I'm just in a bitching mood today
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    What did you expect them to say? It clearly said 2nd gen. Did you want them to say "Free iPod touch, 2nd generation! IT DOESNT DO ANY OF THE COOL FEATURES"??

    Uh..because thats what they priced it at? Do you want us to break down the manufacturing costs, overhead, labor, and profit margins for you? :confused:
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    yea you're right, i do see the print now. d'oh!
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    The current 8GB is a nice iPod touch. Enjoy it. I got my wife one recently, and she loves it.
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    The 8 gb is 2nd gen. Only 32gb and 64gb are 3rd gen ipod touch
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    The only time I would even consider that promotion is when we are gearing up for the 6th gen release, which would be when the 4th gen is the one offered

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