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Did my thread get deleted? And if so, why?

Discussion in 'Community' started by tpjunkie, Jun 5, 2003.

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    After reading the "Christians?" thread I started one much the same only for those of the Jewish faith. Only it seems to have vanished without a trace...did a mod move it or delete it? If so, why?
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    though you might have been serious about the topic, that thread quickly went off-topic with stupid comments about jewish women and homosexuals, idiots on here cause threads to get shut down sometimes so don't take it personal.
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    it's in the wasteland. i am sorry that it got removed like that, but some jackasses turned it into a spamfest, as you'll see if you look at it in the wasteland. sorry man, some people are jerks like that. maybe you can ask the mods if you can make another one and start it right, but be sure and ask first (pm mr anderson, rower cpu, eyelikeart, etc).

    [edit] wow that's odd. it looks like it got completely deleted for some reason. probably for the better, that thread got really nasty in a hurry. [/edit]
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    Wow, I missed by religion's thread?

    What the hell... when did that happen? :eek:

    The Jewish thread... damn...
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    Naw, its still there....and I must admit I am guilty of spam murder myself..

  6. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    There's no reason you couldn't start another - just warn people that you're serious and would like it not to get trashed over stupidity.

    Also, let the mods know about any posts that have issues and we'll help out as we can.

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    V! v! v! Shame on you. To think your a respected member of the top 10 members and talking like that. Oh, your one down now on that top 10 list.:p
  8. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    *cough* respected? :p

    post count means nothing - the top ten list is just a list.

    If you took out all of vniow's one liners he's posted he wouldn't be on the first page.

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    Damn... how many comments were deleted, I see a quote to a post that aint there no more... :confused:

    Damnit if people didn't have off topic discussions I could have made that work...

    damn you! (kinda mean, but hey you people killed it)
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    The top 10 thing was more of a nudge at V then anything. She mentioned something about me going to pass her a few weeks ago.

    Also I would not want to imply any sort of respect for anyone in the top 10 everyone in the top 10 is a bunch of wankers. :p

    One liners? We all have a few of those. Some more then others.
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    Huh? When did I say that?
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    You realise you're spamming another one of this guy's threads into oblivion, don't you -- cut him a break -- sheesh! :p
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    Yeah I think we need a
    'community discussion -- OFF TOPIC'

    Seriously that thread needed some posted deleted and needed to be re-started.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ah, community spam forum? Don't think so - it would be too much work to weed out the problem posts (not spam, but the insults and stupidity that would run rampant).

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    Dont Hurt Me

    its getting pretty bad when you cant comment,joke etc. anyone say over censor? Moderators are overmoderating in my opinion. These are chats, we are not publishing stories so how about acting when really needed instead of playing demigod/big brother or whatever.
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    I would tend to agree, but overall it is good keeping it clean.

    And if my school's filter BESS :)screams bloody evil EVIL:) sees anything that looks like a curse macrumors will be blocked... forever...

    Seriously, even /. is blocked, I can see the forums being blocked, but the main page? :eek:
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    Sun Baked

    One liners...

    I really can't think of an adequate reply...

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Yeah sometimes i get carried away and will swear/ try to back down but i have never seen so many threads shut down for so little reason even now we may be off subject and this thread may get close. my god let people talk, sometimes subject matter may go off but usually someone will bring people back on subject without having to close a thread.
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    I don't believe u have the right to voice an opinion of "over-moderation" Dont Hurt Me...u have been the cause of a few thread reports this week. :rolleyes:
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    Now i see why the thread was removed...

    And why I should check the forums more than twice or three times a day... :p
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    No, not what I would have pictured...

    As all of the mods quickly hit report to mod button seveal times. :eek: :D :rolleyes:

    Now that wouldn't be a breach of ethics...
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    well...none of us reported any threads...

    are u joking or beingn serious?! :confused:
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    I was Serious. ;)

    No really, joking, reporting someone like that just so you could prove a point would go a little tooo far.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yes it would, and when you report it, the email we get tells us who's reporting them, so there's no way to avoid that.

    As for Don't Hurt Me - you're missing a huge point here in making the assumption that everyone gets your *jokes*. This is an international forum for one, and english isn't the 1st language for quite a few members. That added to the the fact that sarcasm doesn't translate well in text and you don't add any smilies to indicate you're joking has caused quite a few misunderstandings. Generalizations and personal attacks never really go over well - and in most cases this is what we have to clean up. You think we like it?

    We're not overmoderating, you're not posting by the rules, circumventing the profanity filter and spamming. We're supposed to ignore this and the reported posts?

    Play nice and everything works out.


  25. Moderator emeritus


    he he...well I've actually been reported before... :eek: ;)
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