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Did Someone Drop my Powerbook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by shieldyoureyes, Oct 11, 2006.

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    I am afraid this could be a yes. I treat it like my baby, but very well could have been one of my roomates while I was out.. A couple weeks ago, I noticed a blemish/scuff on the bottom edge of the case, and yesterday, I noticed that when I close the lid, one side fits nice and snug, but there is about a 1-2 mm gap on the other side. Now here is the most disturbing problem: It will make a quite noise, almost sounds like a fan, and then the hard drive will make a quick sound (like its searching or writing something) for about 0.25 seconds, the that noise will change pitch and be a little louder, then the hard drive sounds, the it makes the quiter sounds. It does this cycle over and over again with the hard drive making that sounds about every 5-15 seconds.

    Its really getting a little annoying, especially when it is dead quite. Maybe I'm just paridnoid, but I remembered it being dead quite before. I'm hope my hard drive isn't failing.

    12" Powebook G4 1.5ghz 1.25 GB RAM OS 10.4.8

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    as far as i know the lid closing thing is a common problem with most apple laptops.
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    Copy your files off/backup your files. If it's making the click/clunk of death, it's dying (the HD). What you described sounds somewhat like it. Also, nobody can tell you if your notebook was dropped. You should know, look at it, if it's dented/whatever, it's dropped. The screen gap thing is common on notebooks, however. Ask your roomies, I hope you're not living with people who would lie to you/cover up such a thing.
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    I plan on asking around when they get home. I know one would tell me, just not sure about the other. The only thing that got me thinking that was the fact that I have no idea where the big scratch/abrasion came from.

    Backing up everything just in case...

    Is it bad I am kind of hoping it will burst into flames so I can get a Macbook Pro?
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    You're bad for posting that, because if you were hoping for one gratis from Apple, you just destroyed your chances. ;)

    Any update? Found out who did it/what happened? :p

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