Did Tiger say the right things?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by the-oz-man, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Right or wrong, did Tiger say the right things today? Does anyone even care anymore?
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    Personally, I don't care
    I forgot there was even a "news" conference today
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    Your begging the question by assuming there is anything right to actually say. Who cares what he says, its just posturing.
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    I didn't watch it, but I will still comment on the whole debacle.

    Tiger's affairs have been publicized to the point that it is the main topic of discussion among golf fans. I think that Tiger has disgraced the whole game of golf in doing what he did. Additionally, he has put himself in the center of much (negative) attention when he does start playing.

    I'm not looking forward to going to the Masters and hearing "Tiger this" and "Tiger that!" I go to the Masters to watch golf and I don't want to hear about Tiger's personal life.
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    Most rehearsed PR pablum I've ever heard. Who cares?

    The networks should be ashamed of themselves. They actually covered it live and are now engaged in discussing it.
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    I think it is silly and extremely hypocritical for all the women to be seeking personal apologies from Tiger for what he did to them in deceiving them and making "promises" to them

    They should each be issuing their own apology to Tiger's wife
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    Here is a link to the story. They don't have a full transcript posted yet.


    Yes, I am begging the question that there could be a "right" and a "wrong" statement. That's what these forums are for . . . discussion.
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    My 3 year old daughter called me at work to say that Sesame Street was interrupted by the Tiger Woods press conference. She doesn't care about Tiger and I definately have more respect for Big Bird than I do Tiger.
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    You'd think with his money he'd be able to hire a PR team which would coach him in a half decent apology.The mans a git plain and simple.
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    That was awful. That seemed about as insincere as it gets. He called a Press conference to apologize? Get real.

    If you wanna make amends, show it, don't tell it. Stop being a dick on the course. Stop fighting with the media. Stop bangin' every two bit whore who crosses your path. Start acting like a gentlemen. Pray to God or Buddha, that your wife and kids take you back. And get back on the course and play the GAME that's given you everything in life.

    What a jack-ass. Trying to look into the broken camera and acting sad. That part at least was hilarious. Shouldn't somebody have motioned that the camera had quit.:p
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    Why is he making a public apology for his private life anyway?
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    Exactly unless you lived under a rock, how could you not know he wasn't a dad and a husband. Please.
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    Who cares? It's his private life, between him and his family. It's none of our goddamn business IMO.
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    If he were single and out banging skanks... who would care?
    Other celebs do that all the time and there is no hoopla

    This is only an issue because he is married and has a kid
    So who should care? His wife and kid, that's who
    Who should he be talking to and apologizing to? His wife and kid, that's who

    Now, he can apologize to his sponsors for taking their $$$ on a false premise that he is a clean cult "face of the elite", but honestly... I don't care what he does in his life... he didn't let me down
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    Like it is with every one of these celebrity situations, it doesn't matter what he says because there will be judgment and criticism regardless. He'll do what he decides to do based on the advice he is given and for us it's nothing more than a news report and a focum topic.
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    so the media will stop asking questions, by Monday this will be over.
    I only wished he gave information on when he will return to golf. I'm sure the PGA and Nike is loosing a ton of money from this.
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    I was never big on golf, so you can't really say I care, but whatever he says is going to be rehearsed and planned. Whether genuine or not you be the judge, but in the end he's going through the motions and in a year or so his behaviour will be just another late night joke, much like people look back on the Clinton/Lewinsky deal and laugh it off. Every celebrity, when something goes wrong (and only after something goes wrong) come forward, hold a press thing, and say "I'm so sorry." He'll back on the golf course in a year, back to his lifestyle and huge income.

    If he's genuine, the best thing he can do is leave golf, for as long as it takes, and spend the time with his wife and kid if they'll have him.
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    I haven't followed this Tiger saga that closely but his "apology" doesn't seem to have gone over well; maybe it made things far worse... not allowing the sports media to ask questions, doing this just before a major golfing tournament, and the obvious faux element of self-imposed tears seemed patently obvious... some of the immediate reviews on "apology" are, franky, brutal...

    "Tiger's apology included some of the worst acting since Ishtar."
    NBC's Joe Scarborough Tweet

    Golf Journalists Boycott Tiger Woods Event
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    I listened to it on the radio this morning. It was awful. But I really don't care about it. He screwed up, but it is a matter between him and his wife.
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    Don't see why he feels the need to apolgise to all of us. Quite frankly, addressing "the world" in this way smacks of over-inflated self-importance. It's not like he's some elected leader that's broken our trust.

    I didn't ask him to be faithful. I don't care if he's sorry. It's none of my business. He's only answerable to his family.
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    I tend to look at these things as I do my own job. I realize that celebrity is different, but it is at least where I start from.

    I would not be fired from my job or even really have my job affected if I cheated on my husband. It would be completely private and separate from the job that I do. So why should it be different for Tiger Woods?

    I apply the same critique for doping or drugs. I could (and would) be fired for taking drugs and/or cheating at what I do. So why aren't athletes? But I guess that's an entirely different thread...

    Tiger's celebrity and the fact that a lot of the money he makes (i.e. endorsements) depends on his public image makes it different for him, but I still feel this has been entirely overblown.
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    The media's trying hard to ram this non-story down America's throat. But no one's buying it. At least no one I know. He's a pro athlete, why would anyone expect him to not cheat on his wife? ;)
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    Zombie Acorn

    If I was Tiger id be hitting up the club to see if I could pick up some more women/stay in the news limelight.
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    Why does he owe anyone one an apology other than to his family.
    I would have been fine if he didn't say anything.

    More people and corp exes need Tiger far more than Tiger needs them.

    How exciting has the PGA without him, it doesn't even seem to be newsworthy.
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    His handlers told him he had to do it, they set up the news conference, they wrote his speech and they rehearsed that speech with him.

    the question is, why does he need to issue a public apology for his acts that only impact his family. I mean, I don't take out a newspaper add asking forgiveness when I fail to empty the dishwasher for my wife.

    What he did is not going to get the media and people beyond his transgressions especially when this news conference was done in such a tightly controlled manner,i.e., no questions.

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