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Did We Lose Data?

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by crazzyeddie, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I swear I created the Serial Port page this morning, but now its not there. And there is no record of it ever existing (History or under my contributions). It was listed under the category:ports and I saw it linked from the category page, right after SCSI.

    I'm not going crazy... I did write that page...

    Edit: I even see where I edited the page in my browser history this morning around 10:30.
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    You're not going crazy, it was there, but has been deleted. Here's the deletion log:

    • 03:36, 2 November 2005 Mechcozmo deleted "Serial Port" (They were actually ADB ports, not serial ports... and the ADB page has this information already)
    • 01:23, 1 November 2005 Mechcozmo deleted "Serial Port" (Information is elsewhere and this page had various errata)
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    Is there any way to recover that page, because deleting it was wrong, they are not the same according to both Apple and almost all Mac database sites.

    And, where did you find that information and I wasn't aware that you could literally delete pages...
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    Lord Blackadder

    Yes, there should be a serial port page, many Macs had serial ports (they were labeled with a picture of a printer and/or modem above the port itself). I believe they were RS422-type.

    They were definitely not the same thing as ADB - I'm looking at the back of a Quadra 610 right now and it has 2 serial ports and two ADB ports :cool:
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    Exactly... a simple Google search shows that ADB is for low-speed devices and serial ports were for "high"-speed devices. Is there any way to get that page back? :(
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    I deleted a Serial Port page that talked about RS-232, which is the PC standard but it is different on the Mac side (Macs have, or rather had, one extra pin and a different shape. Could have also been a different protocol, I don't remember exactly). There were two Serial Port pages at one time, as well. Someone may have moved it or something?

    EDIT: Yes, it was me. Guilty as charged. :( It was similar to another page earlier as well as the ADB and I made a mistake. I'm sorry to any one who lost data they posted. It has been a bit crazy on the MacGuides, and the previous Serial Port page and the ADB page were so similar that when I read it I just thought "Why did this get back up here?" (And yes, I am certain the older Serial Port page deserved to be deleted, before the jokes start. :rolleyes:
    And about being able to delete pages-- certain members of the forums were entrusted with Wiki moderator ship. See the SysOp thread somewhere around here...
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    An unfortunate course of events... Any hope of resurrecting that information?
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    [guide]Serial Port[/guide] Lookit!

    But read it and then read the ADB page... very similar. (Well, when I read it last at last EDIT: it changed, ~sigh~)
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    Thanks :D

    I think the main difference is 'input devices' vs modems and printers...
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    You try editing at 0100. ;) I want to see the MacGuides become something great, not fall apart on us because there are a million pages covering {{stub}}.

    Would you delete a page that consists of only {{stub}}? I haven't, I'm too nice. (So flag your page with {{stub}} guys and I won't delete it :p)
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    Doing it now... I know its hard to keep your thoughts straight :p

    I would most definitely delete those pages... although it seems that many people are linking to pages that they intend to develop later.... I think they should start leaving notes on those pages to alert people to that!
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    Lord Blackadder

    I think Arn already said he was doing that...

    It's best if people create stubs that aren't empty - at least stick what they know (or think they know ;)) in there so that others are encouraged to expand it.
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    I have a USB ro RS-232 adapter connected to my Mac.

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