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Difference between audio 1.0ch and 3.0ch

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aaronthomas, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Im sorry im sure i should know this but cant find an explanation anywhere... Im ripping some Japanese films on handbreak and when choosing the audio track it gives me 2 options .... Japanese (ac3) (1.0ch) and Japanese (ac3) (3.0ch) Is there a huge difference? :confused:
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    Yep, there is a two channel difference. I would suggest the 3.0, which will give you a left, right and center channel. 1.0 is mono.
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    Mono (1ch)-tracks are usually commentaries.
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    ok... then whats (dts) (5.1ch) Would that be better than (ac3)(2.0ch) and would that work on Ipod
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    Well, on the dvd it is. However HB will mix the dts down to a dolby dpl2 mixdown as it has not DTS pass through and even if it did, the iPod wouldn't play it anyway.

    Having said that, for the iPod I would pick the DTS 5.1 track and let HB mix it down to Dolby dpl2 5.0. It is iPod compatible and would still sound good on other devices.
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    For an iPod just use DTS 2.0. 2.0 is stereo sound, so unless you magically have a 5.1 system hooked up to your iPod, just stick with the 2.0.

    Hint: There is no way to get 5.1 sound out of any iPod.
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    Um, not true 5.1 as in 6 discreet channels, however Dolby dpl2 uses phase shifting to get a similar effect out of just two actual channels. Trust me, use the 5.1 track and let HB mix it to dpl2.

    If you don't believe me, google Dolby Pro Logic 2 and see how it compares to simple stereo. Granted, the effect can only be heard when the iPod is hooked up to a surround sound system, but on the other hand, there is no real downside so why not let HB mix down the 5.1 to dpl2 in case you ever want to watch your iPod encodes on a bigger system. Hint: there is nothing magic about hooking an iPod up to surround sound, heck apple even supplies the necessary cables. ;)
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    Actually I do watch my encodes on my tv... i must be doing something wrong... the dts 5.1ch is very quiet on the encodes.... hmmmmmm should i be setting the second track as well? It currently is set to none
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    hmmm yep just encoded again with dts and the sound is soft....Dynaflash... its time for you to write a book... youll make a ton of cash... and ill buy 2:)
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    Well, make sure your audio bitrate is 160 and sample rate is 48.

    Beyond that you *can* try
    http://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/DynRangeCompression but only *if* there is an available AC3 soundtrack. In fact if there is one try using it (some dvd's offer the main feature sound in both). The AC3 will work with Dynamic Range Compression but unfortunately not with DTS.
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    Mmmmm yep... I did that... may be ill here the difference on a surround sound system....

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