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Different kind of Airport problem.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Fredstar, Dec 20, 2004.

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    Ok, since the installation of 10.3.7, might just be coincidence and i can't remember if it happened straight after, but i am having real trouble keeping the internet connected.
    I have a Belkin router, which works perfect with our Dell that is connected wirelessly.
    The imac G5, with Airport extreme installed, worked fine and perfectly before the last two days. I was connected wirelessly and never had any drop outs.
    Over the past few days the internet keeps disconnecting and it is pretty random, the connection with the Belkin is always connected with at least 3 bars out of 4.
    When i can't connect to the internet the Dell, which is also connected wirelessly, connects fine.
    I am really baffled, any help would be appreciated
    The Airport settings are:
    Join specific Network: My home network appears and i have selected it
    The TCI/IP tab is just set to DHCP.
    I am using it now and it seems fine but then randomly nothing can't connect - Safari/ichat/itms
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    Anyone have any ideas?
    I haven't changed any settings on the Airport/Belkin and it worked perfectly beforehand.
    When it can't connect to the internet, but remains connection with Belkin, it says in the Network preferences:
    Airport connected to Belkin54g(family router). Airport has a self assigned ip address and might not be able to connect to the internet.
    It is orange in colour when i can't connect and then for random spells in the day, completely random, i can connect to the internet and everything is fine.
    I don't change any settings or anything
    I am using the Dell to access the internet atm which is also connected wirelessly
  3. mim
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    I had a very similar problem to this with my powerbook a little while back. I thought that the airport card was faulty, so I took it down to the Apple store. The guy there couldn't figure it out so booked it in for repair. He called the next day and said it was fixed....no hardware problem to speak of. He ran Techtools on it, which fixed whatever problem there was (he suspects a disk corruption for the driver or something). Try it out.
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    Thanks mate, i might just take it down to the Regent Street store after i get back from hol, it is working again now and it is a bizarre problem!
    Is techtools available commercially?
    no worries guys found it and will run it :)
  5. mim
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    It comes with Applecare (I didn't know this before...when I got home with my fixed PB I broke open the packet, and hey, there it is). So If you don't have it maybe you've got a friend who does? I'm sure it's available to buy normally too.

    BTW, how is the Regent's St store?!
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    I didn't get Apple care and Techtools is quite expensive online! I hope they try to fix it at the store even though i don't have Apple Care.
    The Regent Street store is lovely, if you ever come over to London you must pay a visit, most of the staff are very friendly and mac lovers too :p
  7. mim
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    Yeah, I used to work near the Micro Anvika's on TCR (where I got my first iPod!), but I never thought they really enjoyed selling Macs. I'm glad there's a proper store there now.

    I just had a thought you know....you're not like at home on holiday at the moment....are you using the airport at a time when you'd usually be at work/uni? It might be the people next door using their microwave or something....

    Try turning on interference robustness and see if that helps.

    Good luck.
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    The reception is always constant in this period and it is always stated as connected to the family router, it has just disconnected again so again i am using the Dell.
    We have no neighbours within 50 metres so i don't think they are causing any intereference
    I have turned off our wireless telephons still no joy, i have tried resetting everything on the router and renewing dhcp clients and my mac coems under the computers connected to it
    Also tried interference robustness - still no joy
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    I wonder if cycling power to the AirPort card would help. You can do this in Internet Connect, found in the Applications folder.
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    What do you mean by that?
    I think it could have been a router problem, i just reset the settings and turned the DHCP on the router on and off and it started working again.
    It appears as if the airport was being sent wrong information and given a completely wrong ip something like: 256.359.2.5
    when the ip should be (and is when it is connected) is 192.168.X.X
    I tried setting the right ip using the dhcp and manual settings on the airport and it still wouldn't connect to the internet.
    Very strange, lets just blame it on the Belkin for now :p going to sell it and get a Airport extreme or express soon anyways
    any other thoughts?
    Appreciate the replies
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    Cycling power means turning the power off then back on.

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