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Digi Camera gurus... Need help with my Digi Cam purchase..

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by krossfyter, Jul 22, 2004.

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    Alright I've decided on the camera I want... i've decieded on the FujiFilm FinePix S5000.


    I am not a photographer... but I am a fine artist. I will use this camera for my work (painting) and just everyday picture taking. I do not plan to become a pro. I choose this cam because while it has a decent price and resolution I like the way the menu looks, the way the camera feels... and im into SLR types anyways. It was either this or a Nikon but I couldnt find a Nikon with this price and options.

    What I need help on is pretty much in two areas:
    1) Since i am not versed in Camaras is this an good/okay purchase for me... anotherwords do you see anything wrong with this purchase?
    2) I'm going to need recargable batteries and a memory card.
    I'm thinking I should go with the 128mb fujifilm card since I dont need that much memory considering I will be dumping most of the pics on my laptop then transfering to cds.
    Also... im thiniking of going with this...

    since its got the battery charger and the batteries.. will this do in the battery dept for me?

    any help is appreciated. Thanks. I just want to make the right move here... which is why I'm asking those that know more then me on this specific subject/purchase.
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    *edit*: actually just checked out that little video of that Fuji on amazon.com and it does seem like a pretty nice camera. More stuff than I thought on it. And A good price.

    www.dpreview.com probably has some additional info it.
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    thanks Nspace. i await your findings and i appreciate that link. im checking it out now.
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    What Digital Camera (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/) had plenty of good to say about it and I trust their opinion more than most.

    It'll probably be just fine for you. Take your time to learn it properly. :)
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    thanks guys. i've looked through that dpreview and became more comfortable with my decision.

    so will that battery charger and the batteries that kit has be good enough for me?

    by the way.. that canon looks sharp.
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    They should be, I dont think fuji would pack anything thats too low quality in a package like that, they should work fine.

    Probably safer than going to radio shack to get batteries and a charger (they have screwed me over too many times)
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    i cant find the page where they talk about this camera. where did you see their review of it?
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    alright thanks man.
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    you know my first choice would be a Nikon but i couldnt find anyone comparable to that Fuji with that price range and that style (slr). So if any of you all have a nikon in mind then let me know. thanks.

    is Nikon generally a better brand then Fuji when it comes to digicams? Or is it all about preference?
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    Does Fujifilm still use interpolation to boost their megapixel ratings? I bought a Fuji some time back when they were doing this and it has to be the worst purchase I have ever made. The actual megapixels of all camera that use interpolation is actually half of what fujifilm claims. I bought a 4MP camera and found its images pretty comparable (though slightly better) than 2MP cameras (definitely worse than all 3MP I tested).

    You might want to check and see if the megapixel rating Fuji is displaying is still being faked.
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    I noticed you said you were an artist. Maybe you might want to put your money towards more of a point and shoot type of digital camera with more mega pixels instead. The advantage to this is that with a 5 MP camera as opposed to a 3.1 MP camera you would capture a much more detailed shot, not to mention the fact that the camera would be easier to operate.

    I would also recommend a digital camera with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery instead of one that runs of AA batteries. Digital cameras will eat those for breakfast. :p

    Just my 0.02 cents...if you've researched Fuji, and think it fits your needs, I'd go with that. Only you can decide what camera's best for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever you choose.

    Good luck.
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    Sorry, they've taken them off and want money now, except for the latest. I still have an issue of the magazine.

    "An attractive all-rounder, with an impressive lens, although some image quality has been sacrificed, especially in respect of noise and fringing.

    It received a final score of 88 from 100 and received a "highly recommended".

    The batteries should be good but you'd probably be wise to get some extras. I was buying Panasonic NiMH, as they pack more power than others.

    Someone mentioned interpolation. The SuperCCD has 3.1MP which the camera tries to make into twice that many. It's still a 3.1MP camera, no matter how you slice it.

    I wouldn't bother with any Nikon consumer camera lately. They don't seem worth it at the moment.
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    yeah i think they call it SuperCCD... or what some people call "conversion". the 3mp superCCD doesnt get up to the detail of of a 6mp but it goes up to 4.2... from what i hear. so yeah... its pretty deceptive... if one doesnt know whats going on. i believe that is.
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    good points there. got any camera in mind that i would look into?
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    Ah well t least they are being up front with it now. Stamping it a 3.1MP camera rather than 6MP as was being done previously. The camera I had purchased never mentioned 2MP, it only advertised 4MP. Surprised was I when I realized what was going on.
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    thanks man... dont mean to make you go out of your way to find that review. so you wouldnt bother with a Nikon consumer camera lately... any reason why they are not worth it at the moment?
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    hmm they used to do that? i guess someone was about to drop a lawsuit on them or something.
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    I own a Konica Minolta Dimage G500. I got it about 6 months ago after reading up on a lot of different cameras. I couldn't be happier with it. It's incredibly easy to use, takes high quality pictures (detail is amazing), is very compact and also has a very simple menu.

    I've never had a problem with battery life either (but, I always keep it off inless I'm taking a picture). And in the event that your battery does run out, it takes only 1-1.5 hours to fully charge it.

    I've used many other digital cameras, but this is the only one I've owned so I can't really in depthly comment on any others. I'd say it would be a good idea to look at a bunch of other point and shoots with 5 MP. You'd be surprised at some of the deals you can get, even for that quality.
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    I dont like nikon consumer/prosumer cameras because from my observations I find they are very menu driven. It seems like so much is changed thru menu settings on the screen.

    I prefer, and it seems that you do to, a camera where the majority of the settings that are frequently adjusted should be accessible through buttons/dials on the actual camera.

    I really like the Canon cameras for their clarity. I actually did mention the part about looking for a cam with lithium ion rehcarhable battery I must have accidently deleted that part when i edited the post. I agree to this, my fuji sucked the double A's down so fast, it sucked.

    Advantage of double A: if your battery dies, if your traveling around a city or new batteries are easy to find and you can be shooting again.

    Disadvantage: they die quickly, even the rechargable ones, even though you can rechargethem, what good is that if your on the road, your forced to buy new ones if you have nowhere to recharge them

    My powershot g3 is great for battery life. I thought about purchasing an additional battery but I found I never needed one, it just lasted a really long time, espcially if I took the proper precautions to conserve the battery life.

    I never realised that about the Fuji camera's and their resolutions, good too know.
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    Hey, you're someone I'm always glad to help. :)

    Nikon have just missed the boat lately on everything consumer, especially the Coolpix 8700. I'm glad I didn't buy one. I'm not sure what's happened but their efforts on the high end are great, as usual.

    The only consumer cameras that really get my attention are made by Olympus. I'm not sure whether it's in your range or not, but the C-5060 is pretty amazing for a consumer model.

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