Digidesign Pro Tools LE - 6.9.2

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by WinterMute, Jun 23, 2005.

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    Well, that's the PowerBook on Tiger as well then....

    Only 3 months late there Digi... :rolleyes:
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    I'm glad I dont own an Mbox. My friend has got to pay £50 to upgrade to 6.9, then download the 6.9.2 update, just for it to work on Tiger.

    All that and you still end up with a rubbish Pro Tools (dont flame me - I write most of my stuff with MIDI hence why I hate Pro Tools..)

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    Now you're just asking for a slapping aren't you?

    The M-box was never all that, not enough power for the mic amps for a start, but Protools suits us engineer types because it behaves like a studio, unlike that Logic-rubbish, I always end up with a zillion windows I didn't know were open hiding behind the arrange page, and what is with the environments????

    However, the HD6 system linked to the Control 24 through a Dynaudio 5.1 system I have at the Uni isn't too shabby.

    Can anyone say "Plug-in City"?

    I thought you could..... :D
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    Since when has Digi ever been quick with updates? lol
    Well they are better about getting updates out than Micro$haft. :)

    Now if they just will finally release the stand-alone coreaudio hardware drivers for Tiger. Thats right, ProTools cramps my style. (Besides i already own Logic and Cubase :p)

    Yeah the Mbox has its limitations, but i bought it a long time ago, when small breakout boxes werent all that they are today. It does beat carrying around my rackmount units though. lol
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    Don't get me wrong, the M-box is a damn useful little unit, I just wish they'd powered it from the mains, not the USB buss, I use an Amek Pure-path mic amp as an input to the line input, still not as good as it could be but not bad at all.

    If I'm out recording foley wild-tracks or the odd remote ADR session, I'll just use the M-box, but musical applications are more critical and I don't mind hauling the rack around.
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    Now thats a bit aggressive isnt it?!

    Pro Tools is ok if you have the money for a HD system, with a Control 24, and dont plan on doing any MIDI editing.

    Pro Tools LE is a good idea, especially the option of being able to import sessions with more than 24 tracks.

    But I just think Cubase and Logic are good enough to stand beside Pro Tools now. I personaly dont feel theres anything I can acheive in Pro Tools that I cant do in Nuendo. And I get to use my choice of hardware.

    But this is beside the point of the original post :D dont wanna turn this into a I HATE X SOFTWARE thread. Use what you know, its all personal preference. That said, one of the Digital Audio lecturers at Uni proved to me how nuendo is better than Pro Tools using equations and analysers. Good stuff.
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    It depends how you define "better" all the pro engineers I know who use Protools do so precisely because it doesn't have all the midi and synth bells and whistles that Logic et al have, they value it for it's simplicity and synchronisation capabilities.

    Besides, I use Protools for midi all the time, note-on, note-off, that's midi isn't it? ;)

    No system has every solution for every user, and your lecturer shouldn't be locking his students into a single platform, the industry thrives on transferrable skills, our students learn Protools, Logic, DP4 etc. only as an extension of their studies of acoustic and digital production, effectively we're trying to teach them how to evaluate a system for their own needs and not for what someone else thinks of it. <end of professional dig> :D

    The ability to work across platforms is invaluable too. How many times have you needed to bounce a Logic production into Protools for final tracking and mixing? I do it almost every week. Plus I'm often going the other way, out of Protools as a comp, into Logic or Nuendo etc.

    The industry views the ability to deliver optimised Protools sessions from whatever source as essential these days.

    If I have the choice, time and budget, my preferred platform is 30ips 2" 16-track analogue tape and a desk that doesn't have SSL on it anywhere.
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    He didnt lock us into one format. While at uni we used Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason and a dozen others, and we used both Macs and PCs.. I used the term better in a slightly misleading way - all i meant was that Pro Tools' digital recording when run thru its mixer was less faithful to the original recording, as I result of it rounding up numbers :p

    Its quite interesting you state analogue tape as your prefered format. I thought analogue tape had all but become extinct, which truely is a shame. Its so easy to take editing tools for granted. You can write your vanilla verse-chorus-verse simply by recording then copy and pasting. No matter what you say about digital formats, they just dont sound the same as analogue. In my incredibly biased opinion, analogue sounds so much better. I'd put that as a result of how tape sounds when you drive it into the red. I like the little imperfections of analogue tape, which you dont really get with digital. Digital can sound so clinical and sterile some times, especially when all the emotion is removed to produce the "perfect" mix.

    But I shouldnt get started on clinical mixes!! They sound dreadful. Whats wrong with a few mistakes, and real emotion in playing?!

    Then again I dont think I can go back to the splicing board and editing by hand :)
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    It figures....

    I came in here hoping to find some possible good news that Digidesign does offer core audio updates (for Tiger) appart from the 6.9.2 LE update. I don't even want to use Pro Tools, I just wanted to use my MBox with Garageband (sounds silly, but it's true).

    Is there any hope for me, or will I be forced to give more money to Digidesign for a product that I won't use?
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    goddylla here is where the update will be posted (eventually) for us non-pro tools using people www.digidesign.com/download/coreaudio. Right now it says that the update will will happen in "July". I just wonder of what year.....

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    ive spent all day looking for my protools cd to install it on my computer just to install 6.9.2.. little did i know i would need to pay for 6.9 before installing 6.9.2 anywase.. the reason im 'looking' for the protools cd is becuase i dont use it either i just want to use the mbox with garageband/finalcut/soundtrack and i cant because theres not core adio driver.. while i like my mbox this has certianly made it almost useless for me and now i wish i had just gotten something cheaper and easier .. ARGH !!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I agree. Digi makes me a bit irritated. I have been looking at buying someother hardware interfaces anyways. Maybe this is a good time.

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    I recommend M-Audio. They work nicely with anything. Should you wish to use Pro Tools again in the future, you can do with M-Powered. Spot on.
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    Pro Tools overall is awsome, but the Mbox was killing me, I had to sell it for a big loss just because it was that bad. :(

    It was constantly creating this crackle, and yes I tried every trouble shoot I could find, Digi never responded to any of my e mails, I sold it and picked up logic and a firewire interface.

    I think for a simple home studio environment, USB devices just don't cut it, and neither does the Mbox. The 002 is great though, and of course the high end set ups are all great. I just needed to get the cursed Mbox off my desk. Some people love the Mbox though, not me.

    (rant over) ;)

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