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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Kamerynn, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Has anyone used DigiKingdom to buy a camera from? They have some great prices but I have to wonder if they are too great. I cant seem to find any reviews online so just wondered if anyone out there had any experience with them?

    I was concidering the Nikon D5200 body as an update to my aging D70 and their prices are conciderably cheaper than anywhere else



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    Hi Kamerynn ive never used digikingdom but they are hong kong based so what ever you order will be a 'grey' import hence the low prices, if you want peace of mind use amazon, clifton cameras, wex photographic or calumet these are amongst the best places to shop in the uk, that way you get genuine uk goods and a uk warranty, there are a lot of hong kong based sellers now with a uk base or website, hence longer delivery times, you usually get a 12 month international warranty on the goods, but myself for all my camera gear I use Amazon mainly and Calumet, wex and clifton for my L lenses, be wary, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

    good luck ;)
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    Just posting my opinion on Grey imports. Over the weekend I have bought a new camera and I am aware it is a grey import.

    It's not the ridiculously cheap prices similar to the ones being shipped from HK/Taiwan because it's already in the UK. The camera also comes with a 3 year warranty provided by a retailer in the UK so I feel that I have got the positives of a cheap grey import price without the caveats. Hopefully!
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    Thanks for your advice guys, think i'll probably err on the side of cation and get a UK model. May just have to change my mind on what model to get to bring the cost down a tad.

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    check out digital rev, they are covered by eu warranty
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    They don't have a physical company address. I would hesitate to use them. Their paypal logo is fake, but they actually do accept paypal.

    Do not look like the typical scam, still, I feel uneasy.
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    I made a purchase with digikingdom.com a few days ago. I received an email confirming shipment and with an Australia Post tracking number, but this tracking number has nothing to do with my order. The item is shown as delivered 3 weeks ago to a location nowhere near me. I have tried to contact them via email and phone but have had no response. I fear I have been scammed. My advice is to go nowhere near them. Should I be wrong I will update this post, but in the meantime, steer clear.

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    An update on my concern about digikindom.com. I have just had an email and it includes what looks like a legitimate Australia Post Tracking number. If so, the item should be with me Monday (it is currently Friday). Will make a post when and if it arrives.
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    Good luck ywatt, I hope it does come through ok.

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    hello everyone!

    This is from Digikingdom :)

    Thank you for commenting us and gave us valuable opinions.

    I think Yvette should have received her phone as per our tracking with Australia Post today.

    We are a new website but we are old people. We have been in ecommerce for many years and so we are actually experienced.

    We are genuinely legitimate business. We got verified by Google and Paypal. We currently only accept payment by Paypal, so all of customers are protected by Paypal Purchase protection. If we were scam, we have already been forced to shut down.

    We have just been an authorized dealer by Mack Warranty, so this proves we are recognized by some of industry leaders, and we are trying hard to better our service. This should also be helpful for those customers worried about warranty matters for grey import products.

    Thank you again for all of your support and please feel free to contact us for any questions :)
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    I was quite pleased to read this update from Digikingdom right up to when I looked up Mack Warranties. I can't find a single good report on them unfortunately.. :(
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    another grey uimport site that is suspicious

    I was thinking of buying a Padfone 2 from Digikingdom. There is also another grey import site called Wholesale iphone5sale.com that sells the Padfone 2 plus tablet for $300. Unbelievably cheap. You know what they say "if it seems to good to be true it probably is". But if anyone has purchased from them or any other similar company let me know as i do want to get this phone but it is a little out of my price range.
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    All has turned out well. This was a simple error in giving me the wrong tracking number. My purchased arrived on time, in good order and was a great price. The Digikingdom team have been very responsive and I'd be happy to recommend them and use them again.
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    Hi Ywatt

    Glad your purchase turned up, hope you enjoy it :)

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    Hi Mark,

    To play safe, I think you should choose a store that allow you to pay by Paypal. When you pay by Paypal, you are protected by Paypal Purchase Protection. That means you are protected similarly as an eBay customer.
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    All's well. Digikingdom delivered. Product was fine. Left it on charge. Just waiting for my micro sim (I don't know why there was a need to.make this smaller) and away I go. Thank you Digikingdom and thanks for answering all my questions on what I got. Will buy from You again. They gave me a free mobile charging base unit.

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