DIRECTV iPhone Application Now Available

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 30, 2009.

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    DIRECTV's iPhone application [App Store, Free] is now available in the App Store. The application allows DIRECTV subscribers to program their DVRs while on the go via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE.

    DIRECTV also notes that one of the following DVR models is required for remote recording functionality: DIRECTV PLUS DVR (models R15, R16, R22), DIRECTV PLUS HD DVR (models HR20, HR21, HR23) or TiVo Series 2 receivers with 6.4a software.

    Article Link: DIRECTV iPhone Application Now Available
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    I'm on Dish Network and loving the SlingGuide beta ( which offers nearly identical functionality in a web app (desktop and mobile versions).

    However, having it in a native app would indeed be great.

    EDIT: Wicked! They're working on it --
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    I have an old (single tuner) Series 2 Tivo - is there any chance this would actually work on that without a DirecTV subscription? I can't believe it would but might as well ask.

    Nice stuff in any case! Now hurry up Apple and approve Sling. :)
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    I have downloaded this app and it's simple, and makes a great feature by DirecTV even better (see my post - DirecTV’s DVR Scheduler Rocks!).

    Definitely an AHA moment for DVR users.


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    I've been using (playing with) this all morning. One of the best executed native apps to date. I saw the tease on a commercial a few weeks back and was praying it was a real app.

    Prayers answered!
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    it required 2.2.1, i have 2.2 and it won't let me download. i hate to re-jailbreak just to install this app

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    So download 2.2.1. Whats stopping you?
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    i would just keep using

    2.2.1 doesnt offer enough improved functionality to warrant a clean install and re-jailbreak/re-unlock. i dont believe the native app gives you that much more than the web app anyways. id hold out till iphone software 3.0
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    Is this only available in the USA? I'm from Australia and i couldn't see this app in the iTunes store?
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    DIRECTV iPhone Application Now Available

    If this is NEW... and release as of today.... why does it not show up in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes?:confused:
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    maybe cause apple doesn't think it's "noteworthy"?
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    That's what really sucks about these forums, you ask for help, but all you get these days are stupid sarcasm.

    Your opinion is one thing, but being constructive or positive I guess is not in your world.
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    from DirecTV:
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    Just goes to show, jailbreaking has its price.
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    I'm pretty sure that this is only available in the US, since that the only people that are able to get DirecTV service live in the US.
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    you mean sarcasm like this?

    you asked a question, and i answered... how is that sarcastic?
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    I still get a cannot connect to server error on Edge, 3G, and Wifi. The application connects, but this notice always pops up. Any ideas?
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    The same reason a car dealership doesn't feature every single new model in their commercials... all about these $$$.
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    Ahh.. Well thats your own fault I suppose.
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    If only the Cable Companies (ie. Cox) would follow through.
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    Try ICEtv in Australia. It has had the same functionality as this app for months.
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    yay! this is very cool :)
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    No it wont work. THe app signs you into your Directv account - and does all the services offered on Directv's website (it sends a signal via the satellite to your DTV box).

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