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DiRT: Rub your nose in it thread

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by liketom, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Well just picked it up yesterday and it's a fun game , nailed 23% so far in Career Mode -

    the graphics are very nice but i get the feeling this game will not take long to complete.

    Any one else out there got it ? o and it's no Forza 2 BTW :)
  2. MRU


    Is it better than the demo? I found the controls in the demo very sub-par and every car felt like it was driving on very bad ice - there simply was very little grip at all no matter what.
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    yes it is like driving on ice , but if you love the demo then you will love the game -
    today i have done 30% of the game 220 game score points :rolleyes:

    the truck racing is kinda cool too, and the buggy racing means i will not have to fork out for a ps3 and that motorstorm game :p

    the online aspect is ok up to 100 players - like a rally you all fight the clock
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    I was just turned off by the presentation, that and I'm not keen on rally games. Like you said - its no Forza.
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    It looks fantastic, and the menus, well the menus look like they were designed by Apple. Game play I think will be short, and its a little disconnected, but tbh, im loving it.
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    i just sort of guessed you might have it :D

    what's you live username ?
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    Is it much like motorstrom?
    Is there a difference?
    Do you have it for 360 or PS3?

    I haven't played it or the demo but I'm interested in it because motorstorm has upped my interest in the offroad frenzy.

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    I love it, I'm 'The Sharked One' (Without the 's of course) add me but let me know who you are, because I'm picky. ;)
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    went to Best Buy yesterday to buy it. Oddly enough they didn't have it and claimed it would be out today. This is very odd to me since for years music and video games have always been released on tuesdays. anyway, later this afternoon I guess.
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    added you to my friends list -

    91% completed so far and heading for the finish line -

    overall a great game ! gonna turn my attention to Forza next :cool:
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    Cool. 91%? Wow. I've fell behind a little then, only about 35% here, end of Tier 4 I think.
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    the games just flows once you get going - i spent 7 hours straight last night :eek: when i looked up i thought oopps

    look forward to giving you a race or two on DiRT and Forza

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    Bought this yesterday and I love it. The graphics are incredible, and the physics are the most impressive that I've seen.

    Awesome game!
  14. MRU


    I just got the wireless racing wheel, and the game plays a lot better with it. Handling in the demo seems less slippy.

    As Sendit.com have it for €45 I may pick it up now. Though I'm also tempted to get Flatout Ultimate instead.

    Must admit though, I think the menu system and overall presentation is in a league of its own. Simply beautiful menu system.
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    For me, it was this or forza 2. I played both demos, and i found that dirt just wasn't as good.
    Granted they are two different genres of racing games, but i only really need one racing game.
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    yeah ... but how many computers you got ;) Get dirt when it drops in price you'll love it just as much as forza well not as much but you will have fun getting them easy 1000 points
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    mhmmm i love DiRT, i meant the game, its so great.

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