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dirty ibook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by CubaTBird, Jul 11, 2004.

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    well, after about 3 weeks of use, my 12 inch book palm rests seem to be getting a lil dirty. Whats a good way to clean em without scratching the ibook? :confused:
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    A soft white pencil eraser, just make sure you don't get crumbs in the keyboard.

    There's also another product some people around here recommend, I can't remember what it's called, I'll wait for one of them to post about it. But the eraser is a fine in a pinch.
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    haven´t used it myself yet, but some say monster iclean does a very nice job.
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    Get a ScreenSaver from Radtech.us, and just add water and start rubbing. I wonder if Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will work?
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    The iKlear product line is great for screens and surfaces. It can get pricey if you need to clean it often.

    I use a rad tac sleeve and screen protector and things still get dirty. Maybe try wahshing your hands before use. The white sure shows oils and grime. Sweaty hands also make the dirt stick better so it shows up more.
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    I bought a $0.75 spray bottle from Walmart and filled it 99% of the way full with plain water and then just a drop of rubbing alcohol, just enough to give it a little more cleaning power than water. Works great on the case of my 12'' PB and the screen also. Obviously I spray it on a cloth first and not directly on the case or screen.
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    Technically, this will void your warranty. it cam also weaken the plastic and often take special coatings off the LCD screen.

    Rubbing alchohol has many good uses, but I do not suggest this s one of them.

    If it works for you and you are happy, then fantastic. But keep in mind you may risk yellowing of the plastic, and dulling of the LCD with repeated use.

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    The amount of rubbing alcohol in the water is so insignicant that it doesn't pose any problems at all. Works just fine, if not better than that ridiculously priced "iKlear" solution, which is most likely a similar concoction.
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    Thats all you need.


    Actually there's a funny little insident I had with Goo-off. I had a reddish old CD-ROM that I wanted to paint black, so I used the stuff to get rid of the red pain, it did it's job just fine, untill I accidentally go a few drops on my tan carpet.

    Now the carpet has a quarter sized *pure white* spot on it.

    I'm an idiot!!! :D :cool:
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    iKlear and my ShaggyMac screen wipe work great to clean the screen or the body. The Aluminum body smudges easy, but iKlear makes it betta.

    get the iKlear bottle, the kit is overkill. got mine at shaggymac.com

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