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Disabling / *quickly* deleting .trashes on flash drives

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by varianc3, Mar 17, 2012.

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    When you delete files on a flash drive they don't actually get deleted -- not even from the file list, meaning the space is not available for use. You can empty the trash in OS X, but if you have many files on your comp and delete securely this could take minutes - hours. This is unacceptable.

    This is an old annoyance that has come up both here and in the Dev community over the years. I was hoping they would fix it in Mountain Lion, but as of DP2 so far so bad. Many consider it to be a bug, others don't. This thread is for people who fall into the former category, or those who may have a workaround and aren't going to suggest we just sit around and watch the grass grow while OS X slowly secure deletes both it's trash and the flash drive's.

    When I delete a file on my flash drive I want the space to be immediately available. Either by immediately securely erasing the file, or even just insecurely deleting it. I don't want there to be a (d**n) .trashes folder. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Another thread does have a command line solution:

    cd /Volumes
    Your USB drive name should be listed. In my case it is JulieBackup
    cd JulieBackup
    Your usb may be named different
    ls -la
    You will see a directory called .Trashes
    rm -rf .Trashes
    sudo rm -rf .Trashes
    ls -la
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    Have you looked at that application recommended just one post above your post in that other thread you posted in?

    While I don't use Secure Delete, maybe you can make a Terminal Shell Script or even application via Automator, that would allow you to delete a file without going via Trash. I am not versed in shell script, thus my tries were fruitless, and as I don't have that particular problem with USB flash memory thumb drives (I rarely use them), I don't have the drive to write a script/app for that.
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    There's an App I have on my G4 mini called "Secure Empty Trash" that allows you to empty the trash from just a specific volume. Maybe it'll run on Lion??
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    The easy way.

    This is going to hurt guys but the easiest way to delete items from a zip drive is to plug into a PC press delete and you are done. Pull it out (no eject required after XP) and put it back in the Mac. Sorry!

    When I called Apple they blamed the zip drive.

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