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Discussion in 'Games' started by Dagless, May 28, 2006.

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    Oh dear oh dear! I've realised I'm not that much into the new Mario DS game after all. I've found the game to be a little lacking, rather than feeling like this new Super Mario game it's more like a poorly made fan game. The morphing backgrounds ring back to cheap OpenGL style playform games from yesteryear, the music is horrible no melodies sticking like the old games. The powers! Don't get me started. Shrink mushroom is alright, giant mushroom is pointless, only fire Mario? No flying power? The blue shell is good though, that's a real new Power. And Mario's inertia has a good feel to it, it feels like you're really playing a fat plumber now.

    I'm a little disappointed so far. I've just beaten the tower on the desert level, though I found a shortcut to the castle level from before the tower level.

    I hope it gets better :eek: right now I'd place this around the same place as Mario Bros 2. Sub par compared to Mario Bros 3 and Mario World.

    Anyone else not liking this or is it really just me? Guessing it is just me :eek:
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    I'd like to have tried it but I'm still waiting :p

    Shame you didn't like it though. I'll reserve judgment till mine arrives :eek:
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    I am a huge Nintendo fan but, it really never looked THAT great to me :confused: . If it had been really long that would have been enough for me, but everyone saying that it is pretty short really was the deciding factor for me not to buy it. I didnt expect to much inovation just great length and it didnt deliver on either end it seems :( . Thats too bad I would have loved to buy this game with my DS Lite.
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    It's just another case of reviewers missing the point of what made the previous games so awesome. There was some intangible greatness about the atmosphere of super mario world, and a complexity to Yoshi's Island that made it seem so much more than it actually was.

    Just because all the core factors are there and slightly enhanced, doesn't make it a good game. When will reviewers learn this?
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    I agree only on the point of the items; giant mushroom is a cool gimmick but absolutely pointless, and we need racoon or cape mario back. More items.

    But honestly? I'm thoroughly enjoying the game. I'm trying to unlock every secret route, and some of the secrets and coins in the game are so hard to get to that I want to just go and strangle Miyamoto sometimes :eek:
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    I will award whoever placed those coins an award. I've stumbled upon some by pure accident, none come to mind straight away though. They're just quite smartly placed.

    Maybe I'm just going too slowly through it. I'll play normally soon... after I've played some more on Castlevania :eek:
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    i disagree...

    While i do miss racoon mario, this has definitely brought back my love for mario as a game. It still has some cool secrets and hidden items and is quite fun for me.

    I think it's great that they actually made the game in the old 2d style in the first place. they could have just stuck us with a lame attemp at a sequel to super mario 64.

    I see your point jimmi, but i think you were hoping for too much. When mario 3 was made it was the pinnacle and prize posession for nintendo at the time. it would have been their money maker for that year. They spent so much more time and effort on that game because it was their livelyhood at the time...

    Right now their focus is most likely the marios, zeldas, and metroids for the upcoming wii.

    With New Super Mario Bros and Metroid Hunters, I have played my DS more than any other system I own (PSP, PS3, and Gamecube) in six months.

    Again, just my opinion, but I think some of us fan boys may have been expecting far to much.

    Now I just wish they would do an updated port of Super Mario 3 for the DS... I'm wanting to play plenty of mario on my portable now.
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    I disagree....i find the game most enjoyable...I did have concern about not having the flying/gliding power-up but as soon as i started playing it and got into the music and levels i forgot about it.

    Not too fond of the giant mario and wished they had a flying powerup but i find the game enjoyable.

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    Aye, I think Twilight Princess is most certainly their next Mario Bros 3.

    Anywho. Just got up to World 3. Much better now. I've always hated desert-themed levels since Mario 2. Music still bad, game in general getting better. The true test is whether or not it stays replayable. I've been playing Mario Bros 1 for 15 years now and it's still a challenge, still fun. I can imagine this having a long-term impact.

    One little peeve of mine though... THE MENU! Why is it so bland! they had something special with Yoshis Island and the old gameplay/background vid bits in Mario Bros 1, 3 and World are missed.
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    I'm now the 3rd world, and so far, nothing out of this world, just some good old tried and tested mario(Nintendo didn't take many risks on this one)... The one thing that REALLY REALLY pi$%£ me off, is the lack of a "save now" or "save and quit" option... I normally play it during my conmute on the tube, and when I arrive to my station I find myself having to open the coin gates just so that I can save the game... For a fast "pick up and play" portable game, I think this is quite unacceptable...

    Appart from that, the game is very enjoyable...
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    I was considering buying the older Mario DS game and then, buying the new one later since I haven't tried either. They both like fun but I can't predict how much fun I'll have.
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    hold-ups. I realised I totally LOVE the castle music. trying to beat the desert castle with mini-Mario.

    I'm liking this more now. It's been elevated to contend with Mario Land 2. All down to those sly secret exits.

    Still don't like the saving though. They could have at least stuck a "save+quit" option like Mario World and Mario 3 GBA. my DS hasn't seen so much sleep time!
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    Pause the game and choose Save.

    Maybe that only shows up after you beat the game. Not sure.
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    If its anything like Mario Bros 3 GBA then yes, just after you finish the game.
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    Yea after the game you get to save whenever you want.

    The later levels get nore challenging, upping the fun factor. I wish they made the secret paths a little bit more hard to figure out. There were, a couple that were tricky though. I think comparing this to other Marios doesn't justify it's greatness. It's the "new" Super Mario Bros. If the original Mario Bros. 1 was made in 2006, this would be it.
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    Thats just what I'm thinking. It's not Mario Bros 2, 3, world etc. It's 1. new.
    my little love affair candle is slowly being lit...
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    I was a bit off it at first. It seemed far too simple and easy. The first worlds fell really quickly and I was a bit worried the game would be exhausted for me in a few days. I was completed wrong though. I'm still collecting all the coins and opening secret worlds and passages. The difficulty also escalates quick nicely in the last couple of worlds. All up I'm really impressed by it - it's got all the hallmarks of a Mario game - well balanced, challenging, large, and fun.

    The thing that gets me most is how you can associate with it as a Mario game. Being a fan of the back-catalogue gives you an intuition for where items, invisible boxes, enemies etc etc will be. It's uncanny and portrays the feel of a Mario world. You somehow know what's required of you...
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    I'm a little disappointed with this game. At first you kind of love it. The controls are tights, the game sounds like old school SMB, and it looks really nice. Then as you play the game for a while and the difficulty never gets any harder and the dual screen's are used in a lame way. This game should have had multitiered levels or bad a$$ huge bosses that use both screens. A map on the bottom is kind of lame. I imagine they used one screen to keep that old school feel...but this game is called NEW SMB, and it really should have had something to freshen up the game. Also the puzzles give away way too many mushrooms, levels up, and power ups. This game is nowhere near as good as SMB 1 or 3. SMB1 was my favorite growing up (simple game play, that was difficult but never hard), although 3 is a really neat and a game that should go down in the history of gaming (3 had a little too much going on but it still was fun).
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    Man, it's making me cry that people with real platformer-game creds don't like this game...I was so looking forward to it! [​IMG]
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    I dunno. It's getting there. At first I was expecting a game of Twilight Princess proportions and grandness. I took a step back and compared it to the old Mario Bros and everything became fine. It's growing on me.
    I was doing a time-lapse recording in my room so I had to stay out for 3 hours. floated around just watching bits of TV with the family and playing this. My fondness has grown. It is getting harder, I'm dying way more times in this than I ever did on Yoshis Island or Mario World.

    One thing I've noticed - are the enemies (barring bosses and plants) pre-rendered 3D sprites? They look it. like when an arm is overlapping the body it blurs, like its being AA. Yet Marios body remains sharp - no AA.

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    Mine finally arrived :rolleyes:

    I'm quite enjoying it to be honest. Yes it's different and yes it doesnt feel the same as mario world but ..... They've put out mario world so many times its about time they did somthing different and to be honest they were never going to reach the perfection that they accomplished in that title (mario world) or even Yoshi's Island ... ever....

    But what they've created is a fun enjoyable platform game, better than anything on the psp at least :)
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    Just got my copy!! I like the game, no complaints... well raccoon mario would have been nice and more save options but overall I am very happy and entertained :D
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    you know its getting better when you hear the Level 1 music in your dreams. :D

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    I've put off the last level to go back and try and get all the big coins, secret exits, and everything else. The replay factor is supermariotastic.

    Many levels, with a little more exploration, reveal their true depth and complexity. Yes. This game is like a fine bottle of booze.
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    Now this is what the @#!$ I want to hear. :)

    I actually had a Super Mario dream last night, I think. :eek:

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