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Disappointed with games not working on the new iPods?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mosx, Sep 9, 2007.

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    I can see that I'm not the only one here disappointed by the games not working with the new iPods (or iPhone for that matter).

    I mean, it's reasonable. They all use different hardware afterall.

    However, I think we every single person who has ever bought a game from iTunes needs to take a moment and write an email either here: http://www.apple.com/feedback/ or to sjobs@apple.com (or both) and let them know that a charge to "upgrade" the games to be playable on the new iPods (or iPhone) is unacceptable. It would be really unreasonable of them to charge us to continue to use something we have already paid for.

    I know Apple hasn't made any comment yet about whether or not they will charge to "upgrade" or even have seperate downloads for the seperate iPods.

    This should be sort of a pre-emptive strike to let them know that it should be one game and one charge for all platforms and that anything else is unacceptable.

    It might also be a good time to voice any negative feelings you might have about the situation with iPhone ringtones :) I know I will certainly be voicing my opinion via email and to Diana S. the next time I speak to her about my MacBook "situation".
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    Eric Lewis



    i also told 8 of my friends to do the same

    so thats 9 for mee
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    Did you email Sega when the Saturn came out and you couldn't play your old Genesis games?

    How about when the Gamecube came out? Did you email Nintendo about not being able to play N64 games on it?

    Revisions come and go, and sometimes this happens. Sure, the PS2 was able to play PS1 games, but from what I've heard, PS3 is having some problems in this area.

    This is the real world, things become obsolete, it's time to move on.
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    True. Wonderful point. However, some people wont ever be happy because they always think they deserve something for free.
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    No kidding, and part of it has to do with Apple giving $100 for the iPhone thing.

    Updates happen. A month or so after I bought my CD MacBook, the C2D came out. I was upset, but, whatever, I lived. It was pretty obvious the iPhone would change up soon, as it does with most cell phones. Having stores run out of 8GB and having a lot of 4GB was a dead give away.
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    It is, SJ and Apple did a great thing, but they really addressed a none issue.

    It is part of the technology ferris wheel we're on, and it does happen. Everyday. Just imagine how pissed these folks would be if they we're PC users and things got upgraded every week.

    Some folks don't know when they are well off. Apple [I'm guessing, TBH I'm not interested] are offering the upgrade at a lower price, cheaper than buying the game again. You either upgrade, or you don't. Either way you are getting a good deal.
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    I'm sure the people that wrote the games would probably love to remake them for the iPhone/iPod touch.

    Hopefully Apple will give them a SDK soon. Having to wait to the 5.5 generation again would suck.
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    Is there somewhere I can email to get people like you to stop whining about such stupid stuff?
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    Tom B.

    I didn't email Sega because I don't think it was possible back then. ;)

    But when the Saturn came out, did it make you re-buy the exact same games you already had on the Genesis, or were there new ones you could play?
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    You're missing the point here. You might not have been able to play old Genesis games, but Sega didn't come out and say that you need to rebuy those same old games to be able to continue playing them. Same thing with the Playstation2, Xbox360, and PS3. Those companies didn't come out and tell you that you needed to rebuy the games you already own or pay a fee to continue playing them on your new hardware. They simply worked with the games you already owned. Only Nintendo sunk so low as to say that you had to rebuy games you already own to play them on the Wii. I would hope Apple treats their customers better than that.

    Look at PC gaming as well. Old games like Doom, Mechwarrior 2, and the original MYST (I have the original PC CD) still work to this day.

    And most of those iPod games are not even a full year old yet, and those of us who purchased them only did so in recent months. It would be completely unfair and bad on Apple's part if they basically told us we were SOL and that we had to rebuy them all again to be able to play them on the new iPods.
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    I wonder if theres a place I can email that will ban people like you, and all the people who called those disappointed with the iPhone price "whiners", from being Apple customers all together.

    The last thing Apple needs is holier than thou jerks as fans that turn people off from buying their products and making the switch over to Macs.
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    Keep the previous iPod to play the games you bought, so you can still play them.

    If you must have the new, latest and greatest iPod, buy it on the basis of what it is capable of - not on an assumption that it would be backwards compatible.

    At the end of the day, the iPod is sold as a music player, not a games platform. That is secondary and should be treated as such.
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    No, but Genesis games wouldn't work on a Saturn. I was able to play them on my old Genesis. I actually did about 3 days ago. You can still play them on your old iPod. What's the difference? Sometimes, they'll carry over, such as PS games and PC games, sometimes they won't...such as PS games and PC games. I have some older games that won't work on my current system, such as Police Quest and some chess game that I never played, even then.
  14. AEP
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    Exactly, but ....... If you bought a new album from iTunes last year to play on your G5 ipod, wouldn't you be a bit anoyed if that no longer worked on your spanking new iPod classic!

    but then again i suppose it would be fine because, you could always keep your old iPod to play that album, so whats the problem eh! :D
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    Hah exactly ;)
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    If (big IF), you were fortunate enough for someone at Apple to take time from their busy schedules to respond, I think Apple would inform you that you were the one who chose to purchase a new iPod or (iPhone for that matter) and that they do not not owe you anything.
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    Hardly the same, surely on that logic I should be pissed if I bought a Zune and the games didn't work, no?

    Music is what its supposed to do, games are a nice little feature.
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    How do you even know that they won't offer a free/cheap upgrade to those games? They're not even shipping yet, are they?
  19. AEP
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    i think the Zune comparison is a bit off the mark!

    i mean come on, the iPod and the Zune are not only different products but diffrent manufactures.

    the iPod classic is nothing more than an update, its not a completely new product! lets face its only a bigger hard drive and nice new housing.

    i wouldn't expect the games to work on the touch as that is as diffrent to the classic, as the classic is to the Zune. Yes people should move on with the times but while were being sold what is in effect the same product in a diffrent case, i think its not unreasonable to expect a bit of compatability.

    For example if apple released a new :apple:TV with a bigger hard drive and a nice new looking metal housing wouln't you expect T.V. shows and movies downloaded through iTunes to work, because i would!
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    Might the hardware be different, since it supports CoverFlow? It might have needed different hardware that doesn't support the current line of games in their current state.
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    I don't think that's a safe assumption to make. I was under the impression that it is completely new hardware and operating system.
  22. AEP
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    Very true, but i think the classic comes with vortex included.

    i appricate maybe all the develpoers havent had time to update their games yet, i just hope i wont have to rebuy these products again and again for every iPod update.

    music is what i buy an iPod for dont get me wrong! its just the games have helped me pass many a long night shift and would realy like to continue playing them as my music libary increases in size and my old iPod is getting passed its best and in need of replacement.
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    Which has probably been rewritten, is it the new version that's on the nano?

    The other games will just have to get rewritten as well. The question is whether updates will be free, and whether all the games will be ported.
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    Wait a minute. Are you talking about being free for the nano, or free to use on your new iPod Classic?

    I only have a 2nd gen. nano, but I was under the assumption that everyone has been spinning around on their eyebrows because the games they previously bought aren't working on their new iPod Classics unless they pay an upgrade fee. Am I completely wrong?

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