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Disappointed with iSkin

Discussion in 'iPod' started by boneca, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I got iSkin evo2 protector today for mine 30GB iPod Photo, well I'm disappointed not in a quality but in looks.
    Maybe I had to get blue or clear one but I got grey (carbon). The beautiful iPod become something ugly and I took it off that iSkin right away. I guess its back to leather case for now.
    I also was mistaken this model with other brand where you can pull out the bottom part to use with dock.

    too bad
    still looking
    return will be expensive as it was shipped from Canada
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    Before you return it, answer me this: Is this the model that will fit the 60 GB iPod Photo? If so, I'd like (perhaps) to buy it from you. Let me know if it'll fit a 60.
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    I don't think this will fit 60GB model. Those are listed as Type B on they web site oposite to Type A for 20GB (30GB in my case)
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    Yeah, I would need a Type B... bummer. Sorry... I've been thinking of ordering a Carbon iSkin, as the Arctic one I have is nice but I think Carbon would hide pocket lint and dust better.
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    I have to agree with the author... I too bought an iskin and was very disappointed with it. Although it did what it supposed to do, it totally killed the looks of the iPod....
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    this isn't good because i was thinking of getting an iskin in the carbon color, i guess its boring white ;) I like it because i can still use the itrip and controlls and protect the ipod at the same time. I want it because i put my ipod in the ash tray in my car and its will get scuffed up.
    Back to square one...
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    hey i put my skinned ipod in my ash tray too. Now that I got the photo ipod though, I have to use the dock while in my car
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    did u return that iSkin? I'm just wondering how much this will be. They have no option for return on they web site only to send them email. I guess this is what I'm gonna do.
  11. emw
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    Really, though, and skin or case protector is going to "hide" the iPod somewhat, taking away from the clean lines of the device. But with the iSkin, at least for me, it provides great protection (even the hard plastic screen protector, which is awesome) and looks reasonably nice as well.

    I think it's hard to get a good skin/case that shows off the iPod - otherwise it's not doing its job, in my opinion. This isn't to say there aren't cases that look nice...
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    Nope, i threw it away..... never looked back
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    I think we agree on the same. I decided, i'd rather see my iPod and replace it every 2-3 years than hide it and keep it minty.... It's a matter of personal opinion.
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    $40. This is little bit more than I'm willing to threw away. Not that I hadn't much more threwed away before.
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    I agree with this statement. Wouldn't be nice to have beautiful protector so you don't need to change it every 2-3 years, but probably you'll change it anyway even if it's in perfect shape.
    maybe 150-200GB Color iPod :)
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    whats the difference between iskin evo and the iskin eXo 2 :confused: I want it for my 3G 30 gig ipod. Also what color do u like i was thinking of carbon or black or just keeping the white theme. i wish the blue was darker ....

    edit - never mind, i found my answer.... :eek: What color do u like, i can't decide...
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    Just so you know, Carbon iSkins don't hide dust and lint at ALL... if anything, it accentuates it! It's just like when you drive a car on a salted road... black cars always end up really looking like crap!
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    i tried many skins before ultimately going with the Apple socks.

    they keep that bitch shiny shiny shiny!
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    You got the wrong color if you wanted your iPod to look like an iPod. Mine's white, and I find that it looks more like the actual iPod than any other case (just a little thcker).

    Also, I like how iSkin builds vents into the case to accommodate for the extra heat produced while syncing or in disk mode. Other cases have to be removed. They even put feet on the bottom side (like an iBook/PowerBook). And being all rubber, it grips to most surfaces. And cleaning an iSkin requires little more than some soapy warm water.

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