Disappointed with my new mouse

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by springscansing, Feb 28, 2003.

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    I've always ONLY used Apple mice. I recently bought a trackball, Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer XP 2000 something, some big long stupid name. Either way, its -alright-, and its a little less stressful on my wrist than a mouse. But.. I might sell it. It's not so great really... I donno.

    Eitherway, I just got a new Kensington Studiomouse. I figured hey, it's the 90s, time to get a two-button+ mouse, right?

    Well, I do not like this Kensington Studiomouse. The cord is annoying as hell. The outside of the cord doesn't rub smoothly alongside my mac like the apple pro moouse does. The cord is a HUGE pain in the ass. I never even notice the cord on the pro mouse.

    Secondly, the scroll sensor sucks. The wheel on my trackball is a lot nicer. You have to press too hard to get it to work right.

    Thirdly, this mouse is shaped very poorly. Uncomfortable except for big hands.. and I do mean big. I'm 6'2" and I find this mouse too large.

    Finally, I guess I just LOVE the pro mouse. That one HUGE button is kickass. I'm also so used to ctrl-click, I'm doing it anyway even now that I can right-click. I'm going to give this mouse another week, and if I don't like it, it goes back on ebay where I got it from.

    I bet the wireless one would be a lot better. The cord on this thing just drives me NUTS. It won't slide on anything! Ugh.

    Anyone have experience with wireless mice? Is there a hesitation between actual movement and onscreen movement? I might ditch this mouse and get the wireless one if I can get used to the shape in a week or so, provided it responds near-instantaneously.

    Thanks for the help.eeeeeee
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    Bah.. for some reason my E key kept going with this new mouse in here. *whacks it*

    Argh the frustration!
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I guess you didnt like the apple pro mouse? Ive allways thought this was a great mouse and have enjoyed mine. Its also the best looking.
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    Uh.. did you read what I wrote at all?

    "Finally, I guess I just LOVE the pro mouse."

    I don't like the Kensington. The Apple mouse rocks.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    sorry dude, but if you loved it so much why were you buying another type?
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    That MX700 looks like it has a few too many button, yikes, lol. I've seen it before.. its just not what I want.

    I want a pro mouse with two buttons basically. I thought the Kensington would be most like the pro mouse, but bah. Ah well.

    I think I'll just stick with the pro mouse.
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    ha i used to always use trackballs but a few years ago i switched to this tiny little black targus mouse, its cheap and small but for some reason i really like it.
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    The MX700 is awesome! I can't use the ProMouse anymore. It is substantial feeling, as sensitive as I could ever want (great for the new 20"), and rechargeable. I don't use many of the buttons, but a right-click and scroll wheel are invaluable, and later I will probably use more for specific apps.

    Well worth the money.
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    Doctor Q

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    I bought a Macally USB Ice Mouse Jr. It was too small for my hand, so I returned it. I tried Microsoft trackballs at a store but they were too big for my hand. I bought a standard sized Logitech mouse but didn't like the programming limitations. The Logitech software doesn't let you program the right button differently for each application (like my Griffin Technology PowerMate does). Rather than use third-party software to program the Logitech mouse, I returned it and will probably try the full size Macally Ice Mouse next.

    Finding out if a mouse fits your hand requires trying it, so shopping online has a distinct disadvantage.

    I have had no trouble with the mouse cords.
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    i'm not sure if they have this at all CompUSA's, but at the one near me they have a huge mouse section with them all out on display so you can get a feel for them. it's great for seeing which mouse fits your hand or if you like the buttons, etc. i still use the pro mouse, but if i were to buy a new one, i'd play with a bunch at compusa first.
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    Microsoft makes the best line of mice.
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    I use the MX700 and quite frankly, I only use the two buttons and the scrollwheel. I just ignore the rest of them.

    Firstoff, there is no wire. And it slides and clicks so smooth, that I don't even like the Pro Mouse anymore when I have to use it on other machines.

    And I used to really love the Pro Mouse.

    Go to a store and check out the MX700 for a few moments. I recommend it ;)

    And it looks great besides the Pro Keyboard.
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    I remember seeing a company that sold gold, platinum, and jewl studded mice... Would that work for you?
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    A few things:

    1) It is not the '90's anymore...

    2) Cordless mice abound.

    3) MacAlly
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    My favortie mouse is still the kensington thinking mouse, too bad its adb and i can only use it with my wallstreet powerbook g3. It has four buttons arranged well and a fifth by clicking two at the same time. Its great in photoshop.

    Felix: Why do you think Microsoft makes the best mice? All of the ones i have used by them are uncomfortable for long periods of time and I do not like the clicking action of the bottons on Microsoft mice.
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    the best trackball mouse i have bought

    the Kensington Expert Mouse PRO is the best by far. 4 button click, scroll whell and an additional 6 buttons for quick buttons to somethings that are in the menu. or opening additional apps. i think this is the best trackball i have bought. i got it from circuit city for 50 bucks…refub…and the price for this new was like 100 something. if anyone is to buy a trackball mouse it has to be a kensington trackball mouse.
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    I thought mouse color would make no difference to me. After all, I'm practical and logical, so all I care about is price/performance, right?

    Then I saw all the beige mice for sale. My MDD Power Mac would look fine next to a black mouse, a silver mouse, a blue mouse, maybe even a red, white, or clear mouse, but to me beige/tan/gray means "PC mouse". I guess color does matter.
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    If you want a pro mouse with 2 buttons, check out this.
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    ironically, my microsoft wheelmousew fits like a glove, sometimes its uncanny how well it fits my hand :p
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    *uck it!

    I love my puck. Thumb, middle finger guide with an index finger on the click.
    Wouldn't mind an optical puck, that would really make me happy.
    Also if a user uses a non mouse hand for keyboard shortcuts then I think key modifiers are the way to go rather than an extra button, as for scroll I think the page up/down and home keys work far better web browsing or otherwise. Try opening a folder the finder and use the top right keys on the numeric keypad to look around.
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    wrong. microsoft mice are plainly cheaper made mice than say logitech. just shake a logitech mouse and a microsoft mouse and youll know what im talking about. ;)

    springscansing, look into the mx700. this is the best mouse ive ever owned, even if you dont want the extra buttons. its really comfortable, cordless, and rechargable... and optical. theres no lag time at all, you can whip this thing across the desk as hard as possible and it wont make the pointer go crazy. its a little spendy, but defiantly worth it, and it feels solid unlike microsoft mice. i find the extra buttons very usefull too. like i use the down arrow button to hid the current app, and the button below that to switch apps [like Command+Tab]. its really usefull for switching between cluttery programs like cubase and reason. im still trying to figure out how to bind the scroll wheel to pitch bend and modulation wheels tho. :D
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    Hey, why clutter your desk with chargers: The corded Logitech MX500 is terrif: forward, back, scroll, fast up and down, and a button I've programmed to CLOSE WINDOW so I don't have to go scurring around trying to hit that little red close button all the time (esp. useful in OS X) and a good solid feel (MS Explorer is flimsy feeling.)
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    why clutter your desk with cords? :) tho im assuming that is a good mouse, since its basically the mx700 plus a cord. though, the charge/base station can just as easily be put in a drawer or out of site place => no longer desk clutter.
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    Personally I love my StudioPro mouse. Yes, the damn cord is a pain in the arse and I wish I had bought the cordless but I have worked out a cord routing that has fixe this problem.

    Secondly the scroll sensor is freaking awesome. When I first tried one and first got mine I too thought the sensor took too much pressure. Now though I just barely tickle the surface and it scrools. I think maybe the sensor gets more sensitive over time. It's like the surface wears in or something.

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