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Disappointed with the ITMS

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Stolid, Mar 7, 2004.

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    I've been browsing the ITMS; at first on my friend's Mac and now on Windows. I haven't had 1 of my favorite artist on it yet... Has anyone else had this problem?
    Adiemus has 1 song, no Nightwish, no Sonata Arctica, and (though I'm not at all surprised) no Ogata Megumi. :(
    I've sent every artist I listen to that's not in iTunes to the suggestions list and waited a few months... Its a bit perturbing. I know my music is sort of eclectic but grrrrrzies. Has anyone else had these sort of problems?
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    No store or service will have everything. It's just not possible. You might not be able to walk into a brick and mortar store and find what you're looking for either--especially if your tastes lean toward the obscure.
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    Yeah, I'm used to only finding 1 or 2 of the bands I listen to, but NONE of them are in iTunes Music Store. And while I understand the financial reasons of wanting to add it; all I see added are popular songs (of 'today and yesterday' at times but still the main stream) - while the reason I fell in love with net music trading (despite the legality issue) was that once a band got out there even a bit they were easy to find online as digitizing never 'runs out of stock' and cost almost /nothing/ to stock (you aren't really sacrificing shelf space that could be used for higher volume stuff, HD space is cheap)
    Anyway; just being a whiner today. I'm in the mood :p
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    Keep in mind for an artist to get on the iTunes Music Store, Apple, the band, and the band's label (if there is one) all have to agree to the deal. I hardly think Apple can be automatically blamed if someone you want to see on the iTMS isn't there. In some cases, all the parties needed cannot be reached easily. What is Apple to do when an indie label that owns the rights to the recording goes out of business and people want the artist added to the iTMS years later?

    Not true. I used to be able to find Add N to (X) easily on peer-to-peer services, now I hardly see them at all. The users who were hosting all the files decided to leave (or stopped sharing those specific files).
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    Have you tried...

    ....filling out the request & feedback online form?
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    As I've already said: yep. For every artist. I've even gone out and found new bands I like and tried looking for them with no go. Very frustrating at times.
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    I have requested several things and they have been added. Now I am not sure if it was due to my request or if that was planned before. Also I think this was mentioned but the groups have to agree to apple's copyright, that may be why you haven't seen the groups you like on there.
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    The first time I was unhappy with itms was when I bought "O Fortuna" for use in a film (private use- no copyright issues) and Final Cut Express wouldn't take the song. I found it rediculous that I had to open it in iMovie, and export it as an aiff from there to work with it. I understand that FCE isn't part of the 'digital hub'. But it's still made by apple. I wrongly assumed that when I got a song, I would be able to use it as freely (respecting the three computers limitations) as I could with an actual CD. Issues like that will not speed up my progresson from ripping CDs to buying from itms.
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    personally I think iTunes has done a great job of getting more "indie" bands and labels to sign on. Like mentioned above, not everyone has everything.
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    Entertained by itms

    I think they are doing a good job but there is a lot of room for improvement. It is still early and it all probably comes down to licensing and ownership of the different songs (on respective albums) for now. Though I cant always find what I want, it does eventually seem to be added or I just get it somewhere else... I recently made a strange discovery on the itms so it definitely has kept me entertained. While working in Vegas a couple years back I briefly worked with a guy who was hired as an Elvis impersonator by the hotel. At one special celebrity function I was coordinating he got into an altercation with one of the guests (none other than priscilla Presley!) and after a scuffle was eventually escorted from our premises and needless to say lost his gig. Imagine my surprise today when browsing the itms and seeing him or what appears to be him under the name Stormy strong on the front page of the dance music section!!!!!!!!! Music sounds great but what are the chances this is the same crazy person from two years back? I ask you?!!!! In any case, I think the itms will only improve.


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    If they do not increase their selection and variety, CokeMusic/Walmart/Napster will definitely take over the market. Until then I guess we are stuck with the music stores present state BUT you can make requests I think
    In response to the last poster, I'm from Tucson and I remember reading about that incident, sounds like something out of a Naked Gun episode. I hate dance music, but my girlfriend loves that stupid song. She's friggin' singing it all the damn time, I wish she came with a mute button or something 'cause it's getting on my nerves

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    Anything that's currently on iTunes one could easily get from a p2p network. As soon as they start stocking the sort of things I go out of my way to buy, I'll consider using it. As of yet, that hasn't really happened, so I haven't used it.
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    sooo...what exactly cant be put on P2P? The point is that if you enjoy an artist enough..you support them

    oh yea and p2ps are illegal. Now, thats not to say im not prone to download the latest one hit wonder, but if i like a band enough to buy their album, there is no question in my mind i would pay 10 bucks to get a pristinely encoded cd, quickly and reliably. But hey if you enjoy those cds that sound like they were recorded in a bathroom...under a can....
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    yeah there has been a lot that i've been waiting for...but new stuff is being put on all the time, hopefully it won't be long until all our favorite indie labels join in the fun :)

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