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Disctop 1.0 review

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Fun, fun, fun.

    I would like to make the CD image smaller though. Right now, it's taking up about a third of my desktop space (but not real estate).

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    Very Clever :) Made my day.

    A good angle to think about technology. As we eliminate the analog why not represent it digitally when helpful for gui?
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    Im definitely liking this little app. I just wish the disc insertion animation would happen a little quicker so it didnt look like an afterthought. Although that may just be a hardware limitation...

    Fun nonetheless :)

    EDIT: Anyone else with a 1ghz Ti PB find they need to go to about 4 seconds delay for the eject animation to line up? Im curious what others are setting it at.
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    Well the time table says 2.9 seconds for the PB...


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    This is a cool application, and really shows off the power of Mac OS X to Windows users. I might just use it as a switcher's tactic! I too think that the disc icon is a bit on the big side by default, and should be adjustable.
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    Very nifty :cool:
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    Niceness! it may not be functional but it sure is jive :D
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    what would be even cooler is if it accessed the CDDB and used the actual cd image instead of the shinny silver.

    but im not sure if CDDB stores the actual cd print, or just the case image

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    Really nice, I'm using it!

    You know, one thing that bothers me about slot-loading drives is that you may forget that there's a disc in there and try to insert another one without ejecting the other first... It never happened to me with my iMac G5, but I'm always afraid that some Windows user friend of mine might do it :D

    Anyway, it looks cool, and I think it's almost perfect the way it is, displaying the disc in a 1:1 ratio (maybe that's because my iMac is a 20''er :p ). After all, I can already see the disc's icon on the right side of the desktop. It's just that instead of the small icon on the desktop and the Finder, that huge disk just draws my attention more easily. You're probably thinking that's a bad thing, but no: it draws my attention, but not so much that it distracts me. That's where transparency comes in ;)

    The only things I think that could be better are the animations - they don't look realistic enough. It would make more sense if the disc just faded in on the desktop when you inserted it, because it's impossible to synchronize the animation with the actual physical action of inserting it. And as for the ejecting, as we all now, discs are only ejected halfway, so the animation should depict a half-ejected disc, and its remaining left half should remain on the deskop for 1-3 seconds, and then, fade out... That would roughly correspond to the time one takes to stretch his arm and reach for the disc and remove it ;)

    I know I'm being picky, but it makes some sense, since they went so far as letting you adjust the animation delay :rolleyes:
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    as for the disc ejecting half way, that may be true on the imac and ibook, but its not true for the G5 which it technically depicts correctly

    and in regards to putting 2 cds in at once... a couple weeks ago i had the pleasure of almost completly disaseambling my sister ibook to take out the 2 cds she decided to force into the drive

    3 hours later (i took my time) i had the ibook back together, and everything worked fine including the cdrom that decided every 5 seconds to attempt to eject the discs for some reason.

    and no, u cannot use needle nose plyers, stick them in the slot and try to pull 1 out. i tried many times. the slot is just to thin to get a tool like that in there.

    and i didnt send it to apple care because she dorms at the university here and needed it for mid terms and i was affraid turn around time was gonna be to long (if they would have even covered it) and i wasent about to let her take my ibook

    but now that its been brought up, i think il go and install this on her ibook that shes home for the weekend.

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    Oh, yes, of course, I know that... I have an iMac G5, so, it applies to my machine. But, as you may have noticed, Disctop let's you choose machine presets, so it would be easy to choose the appropriate one. And as for the iBook/Powerbook/iMacG4/Cube/Powermac, the disc doesn't go to the back of the screen, so the animation could stay the same, especially on the 15'' and 17'' PBs, making it look like if the disc "travelled" all the way from the screen to the slot. If you adjusted the delay, that would look cool ;)

    It's good to know that everything is fine now... Or is it?? :eek: (I mean... what about the warranty???)
    I hope that Disctop helps prevent that in the future ;)
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    no, everything is fine now.

    warrenty... they tried selling us the extended warrenty, which my view is, if u drop it and the screen breaks, ur screwed either way, we didnt get.

    shes had it since may, so just about 6 months... now that i've taken it apart, assuming nothing major fails (logic board, processor, etc...) it shouldnt be hard to do it again to replace something else

    not that we can afford to just up and spend another 1200 on a new ibook, but if something happens, il take my chances and go in and fix it myself.

    seriously thow, if anyone owns a ibook (dont know how the powerbooks are) it is a REAL PAIN to take the ibook apart to the point where u have access to the cdrom / hard drive.

    really, some 20+ screws came out of it, and some of the wires (wireless, keyboard, power) are routed so tight, they can break easily if ur not watching what ur doing.

    just a warning if this happens to anyone, or anyone is feeling adventurous and thinks upgrading the internal hard drive might be a fun project.

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    Damn it!! This is the second app that I know that screws up Exposé...

    Try it yourselves... Run Disctop, and then, try using the third Exposé mode, the app-specific mode. Is this bug happening on my system only, or on yours too? When I trigger it, the only thing that is greyed out is the *desktop*, and not the other apps on the background. This is SO annoying, you can't discern which windows are those of the selected app and those of the other apps. It gets even worse because exposé turns off the window shades!! Exposé will only work properly again after you start tabbing through apps...

    I was also getting this strange behaviour with recent versions of Desktop Manager (0.5.x). So, I switched back to 0.4.2... But this Disctop thing is in 1.0, so I'll have to stop using it!! Really, I'm not giving Exposé's functionality away just for having that nifty disc on my desktop...

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