'Disney Animated' for iPad Covers the History of All 53 Disney Films

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    Disney has launched "Disney Animated" for iOS, an interactive app that encompasses the history of animation and technology for all 53 films by the company. The app includes features such as interactive animations that feature Disney characters and the ability to zoom in on concept art and backgrounds to see intricate details. Also, the app allows users to animate a character from Wreck-It-Ralph using an onboard 3D animation package, as well as early looks at upcoming movies with viewable work-in-progress animation.

    The app is being released in conjunction with Disney's 2013 D23 Expo happening this week, in which Steve Jobs and "other talented contributors to Disney History" will be honored with a Disney Legends award. Specifically, Jobs is being recognized for his role at Apple and his contributions as an early investor and chief executive of Pixar, along with his work on the Disney board of directors.

    Disney Animated for the iPad is priced at $13.99 and can be downloaded through the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: 'Disney Animated' for iPad Covers the History of All 53 Disney Films
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    It absolutely sounds cool, but I'd wait for reviews before I shell out $13.99.
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    I'm always broke on iTunes whenever I find something I want to buy.
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    don't buy them.. then your never broke on itunes.. LOL :D
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    Looks interesting...
    WOAH! the price...and the Size!

    guess I wont be getting this soon. I don't have the space and the money (though maybe well spent) is a bit steep as a test-it-out app.
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    1.78GB :eek:

    Still, you get what you pay for...
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    I'm impressed they're actually including every film instead of pretending some don't exist, like Song of the South.
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    Will this be available for android?
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    iOS 6 :mad:
  10. FloatingBones, Aug 8, 2013
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    Touch Press's Blog has good info about this app and the publisher

    Theodore Gray has a great article about this App on the Touch Press Blog.

    For those unfamiliar: Touch Press is a publisher of top-shelf content for the iPad. Their App "Barefoot World Atlas" was one of the featured apps in Apple's 5 Years of the App Store event earlier this month. The first Touch Press app was "The Elements". Touch has a great version of the old Tom Lehrer song in their App:

    Touch Press co-founders Theodore Gray and Stephen Wolfram are two of the principals of Wolfram Research. Wolfram makes Mathematica, a way to compute and compute and visualize all sorts of mathematical operations. Wolfram's Computable Document Format files are a way to distribute that content and freely run it on PCs (and "coming soon" to iOS and Android). I think that CDF is a very cool thing; the available CDF downloads are a great way to visualize/interact with a bunch of scientific principles.

    Touch Press hasn't published anything for the Android platform. OTOH, if you look on their FB page, you'll see they've listed some jobs for Android developers early in 2013. They have about a dozen titles for iOS and have released none for Android yet; don't hold your breath.

    I'd say that MR is a strange place to be asking this question, but you did get an answer. :)
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    Hmm. Was ready to buy… but it seems they don't like iPad 1 owners. Booooo. I'd love to know what's so demanding about it that it won't run in iOS 5.

    Ah well, maybe it'll be cheaper by the time I get another iPad. Or maybe they'll release an OS X version?
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    Probably just the developers of the App enjoy using the new features of iOS 6 and don't want to look back. Like auto-layout, UIKit improvements, and all sorts of framework features. Developers don't want to re-create the wheel.
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    It's Apple that should provide a lightweight version of iOS 6 for iPad 1.
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    It sounds simple, but it's just not that simple.

    For example, iOS 6 has a new texture API which draws textures very quickly using new algorithms requiring either a faster processor or a built-in chip. If the iPad 1 has neither, the texture algorithm could still work if included in a lightweight iOS 6, but it would be noticeably slower.

    And it would require extra effort by Apple to create and test this lightweight iOS 6 on hardware that iOS 6 doesn't run on. This extra effort could easily be 2-3 more engineers, with office space, benefits, etc. You're talking about a half million dollars there to support that. Money which Apple is just throwing down the sewer and WILL NOT get back, because they will get no new sales of hardware from this activity. And as a publicly run company, you can't justify this to your shareholders.

    This is the sad reality.
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    Why would you pay for Disney advertisement?

    This should be for free :cool:
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    You can look at the other Touch Press titles to get a sense of the quality from this publisher. Then you can look at the video preview to see this particular title.

    The App was released in conjunction with the D23 expo in Anaheim yesterday. First reviews are up in the App store now. A couple of users had problems with free space to download the entire app, but all other reviews of the actual program are 4 or 5 stars. The D23 crowd is very enthusiastic, but they wouldn't hesitate to pan an app that wasn't wonderful.

    SJ will be honored as a Disney Legend at the show on Saturday.

    Bingo. You should expect exactly the same -- if not more -- with iOS 7. Text Kit is going to be a game-changer for those who are making text-oriented apps. The developers of Scrivener have been very clear that iOS 7 will be their base platform for their first iOS product.

    Craig Hockenberry conducted a survey of developers asking if they were going to keep iOS 6 support in their new product development. 52% are going to drop it; I completely understand why.
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    Thank you for the info. I'll definitely check it out.
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    The effort is MANDATORY. They obsoleted the iPad 1 in just 2 years.
  19. bbeagle, Aug 9, 2013
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    It's definitely NOT mandatory, and the iPad 1 is NOT obsolete. I still own an original iPad 1, and use it every day. It still works like it did from day 1.

    On Day 1, I could not buy a Disney Animation App, I still can't. It has nothing to do with Apple. Apple sold me a device which still works. There's no kill switch or self destruct button that Apple pressed on it. And Apple never promised that 'all new features' would be carried over to the iPad either. They sold me something that STILL works today.

    A Toyota Corolla from 2012 still works. Toyota made a new integrated GPS/radio for their 2014 model. Will that work or fit in the 2012 Corolla? No. Is Toyota under obligation to support the 2012 car anymore with new equipment? No.
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    I kind of agree with most of that, but I still think Apple dropped support for the iPad 1 too soon, and too completely. No-one should expect every new feature and software update forever, but for a device costing at least hundreds in most major currencies I think iPad 1 buyers have been treated pretty shabbily.

    Remember, even the iPhone 3GS (released before the iPad) got iOS6. I'm not all that convinced Apple couldn't have released an iOS 6 update for the iPad 1 without too much fuss.

    Anyway, not to get too off topic, basically I have a keen interest in animation (as my avatar/username should indicate) and this app looks nice, so I'm just a little annoyed I can't run it. I could understand it more if it was an indy developer charging a small price for an app in a class that is particularly demanding on specs (games etc), but I think Disney could have probably managed an interactive history book app they're charging $13.99 for in iOS 5, if they could have been bothered, so I think it's a bit of a shame.
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    Yes, my iPad 1 3G 64GB cost $1000. It is unacceptable that it stopped being supported so soon.

    And let's not even talk about countries with high taxes.
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    Jessica Lares

    Almost 2GB? Not bad. :rolleyes: Means it has gotta be pretty damn good! Will pick it up once I get a chance, since this is relevant to my subject in college.

    iPad 1 owners, get over yourselves. I'm going to be still using the 1st generation iPad Mini in 5 years, and am thinking about even leaving it on iOS 6.

    Is it going to be obsolete? Probably, but I don't care, I use it for offline work, and will keep backups of apps to the side when it comes time for developers to ditch iOS 6.

    People can keep on whining that their hardware is useless, and the people who blow off $400 every year to buy a new model, can keep doing that. Me? I'll just sit back and enjoy the $200+ I invested in apps that run perfectly fine on this thing.

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