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Disney in talks to acquire Pixar

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 19, 2006.

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    the only way it will happen is if Jobs becomes CEO of Disney. Otherwise not a chance in heck.
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    perhaps. but he would possibly allow it if he was given a good amount of money for it too, then he wouldn't have to divide his time between companies, and there are a host of other ways in which i could see him giving it up. its not his baby like apple is. who knows though. would be good for disney but bad for pixar. i hope it doesn't happen myself, but then again how much longer can pixar keep putting out these great movies. it can only last so long.
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    I don't think this would happen. Steve Jobs is not the kind of person that would let a company of his be aquired by another...well unless the price is right I assume. I think it may turn out to be the other way around. Haha, the new Mickey Mouse edition iMac :p Oh boy
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    I don't think the issue is how much money Steve will get at all. It's obvious his passion is excellence, seeing how his income is $1 a year at Apple. If he became the largest individual shareholder at Disney, I see that as a major turning point for them. He would be a major decision maker, and Jobs would turn another great company around and make something great from it again. Sure, Jobs doesn't need Disney, but Disney could sure use Jobs, and I'm sure Jobs would love the challenge.
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    Mac OS X is based on NeXTSTEP, which was made by NeXT, the company that Steve Jobs sold to Apple before coming back.

    Disney and Pixar have had a very close relationship with Pixar's films. Disney's new CEO and Jobs seem to get along fine. I would think that Pixar would continue to be its own studio within the Disney family and therefore have some independence. I believe that there are already several other studios owned by Disney that have their own separate operations.

    If Disney acquires Pixar, I wonder if Disney will keep the Pixar content creation software or sell it to another compnay, such as Apple.
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    I think this is the key. In my view Disney has drifted from true innovation and excellence to being just another clone in a crowded entertainment marketplace (albeit several marketplaces). If Jobs' could influence the entire Disney group then it would have a chance to rekindle the excellence and leadership that it achieved under Walt. (Interesting to compare the two personalities ... both have/had reputations for excellence, innovation, tantrums, toughness, and so on)
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    Disney just got a new CEO so a lot of people are looking for things to turn around at the House of Mouse. I mean, wasn't too long ago Disney and Pixar had a very public split, and now, w/the new CEO, they are talking again.

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    You aren't kidding. I just watched Valiant last night with previews for another Disney animation. The Wild or Gone Wild or something. Listening to the plot summary I could swear I just heard the summary for Madagascar. The blatant rip-offness is borderline stunning.

    EDIT: Found it http://movies.go.com/movies/movie?name=thewild_2006

    :eek: *coughs*ripoff*coughs*
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    I posted this in another thread about the same thing...

    Disney finally figured out that they can't make movies as good as Pixar. So instead of working together like they used to, Disney just wants to buy Pixar.

    I don't think Jobs will go for it.
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    You all seem to be forgetting that there was a report a few months back when Steve said he would be open to selling Pixar for a good offer.
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    * Security - If Cars flops, then so does the entire Pixar company, since they aren't making another movie for several years after that. As part of Disney, they wouldn't have to do that.

    * Control - Steve Jobs would become the largest Disney shareholder. That gives him much more influence than he had at Pixar.

    * Apple + Disney - With his control over Disney, he could do a lot with Apple.


    * Independence - They're now part of Disney. 'Nuff said.



    * John Lassetter - A great creative, who can churn out hits, both CG and otherwise.

    * Steve Jobs - A great executive, who can bargain and guide the company very well.


    * Costs some money?

    In the end, I think the deal is more than worth it for both parties.
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    Bingo. It looks like Disney has realized that Pixar was an invaluable partner. Well, perhaps not invaluable, since they're looking to buy them...
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    Oh I don't know. Chicken Little wasn't BAD. It wasn't fantastic either. It was just OK.
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    Jobs doesn't have the same loyalty to Pixar as he does to Apple. He purchased Pixar on a whim from a desperate Lucas, and according to reports had very little interest in the venture until Toy Story.

    Since returning to Apple, Pixar has sort of became Steve's "other job." If you watch the behind-the-scenes bonus on the Monster, Inc. film—they show where Steve's office is and sort of laugh about how he's never there.

    I don't think Steve really "gets" Pixar. Lasseter runs the show there. I wouldn't be surprised if he sold it for a lot of stock and a board position on Disney. I would imagine he would be glad to dish out advice, but refrain from being involved with Disney's day to day activities. Disney's major assets are its brand and distribution power. Imagine all of Disney's content on the iTunes Music Store!
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    And again, I don't think a good offer for Jobs is a boatload of money. He would want creative and quality control. That's Job's passion.

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