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    Feb 11, 2011

    How can I display all hidden files and directories in Finder? I need to access /Users/<username>/Library/<something> but I can't see the Library folder. However if I try to create one with the same name, it says it is already in use.

    Appreciate all help. Thanks.
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    Feb 11, 2011
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    another solution for hidden files

    Download Text Wrangler - it's free. It has an option to open, view and edit hidden files. The advantage is you don't have to toggle on/off your hidden files. What if for example you set your mac to display hidden files and you cat should decide to take a walk on your keyboard somehow deleting a file :eek:
    using an app to view and edit selectively is a more convenient and secure way of managing it. I don't work for Text Wrangler and I'm sure other programs will work, it's just what I use.
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    Thanks to cbronfman.

    I knew there was a way in Lion but lost track then found it via search in this forum. One can find things if you take a few minutes to search!

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