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Disposing of Dead Powermac G5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by garybUK, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Does anyone know of a way to dispose of a dead Powermac G5, can i just take it to my council's tip and throw it?

    The crappy thing doesn't turn on, just clicks and flashes the light on the front :(

    Looked on the apple website, no recycle program.
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    Ill take it off your hands.

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    You can list it on craigslist.

    There might be someone who want to mod the case or looking for a part.
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    It's a Dual 1.8ghz, 8 memory slots. Make me a offer and it's yours. I'm sure it's repairable (i read PSU issues) but don't have the time to fix it tbh more laptop based now.
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    List it on ebay for 1$ and with no reserve. Be sure to mention it is defective, maybe some chaps will bid on it so you get a couple of bucks for it.
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    Plenty of Computer Recycle places in the UK HERE, and some will even pay you.

    But it looks like 'NightwalkerUK' will have it from you, best to go to a good/useful home, imho...
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    Shoulda looked harder:

    Apple Recycling Program
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    Where abouts you based? If youre close enough ill come and pick it up
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    Under EU directives, electronic waste should be recycled - looks like you've got it covered now, but this way is agood for giving kit a good one http://www.freecycle.org/
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    Duh i'm in the UK!!!!! Please keep responses to EU/UK please :)

    I'm based in Manchester can PM details if you want, i travel to London at least once a week and am going to Bristol on Saturday if your that way?
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    You mean your surname isn't bUK? ;)

    Forgot to mention that your local council should have a faculty for electronic recycling - with mine, it's next door to my local tip.
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    Hey send it to me, I'll reimbuse you for the shipping.
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    Sorry about that. But I didn't want to make any assumptions based on your screenname alone. :cool:
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    Bloody ideal, I am also in the NW, PM me with some more details and ill get across this weekend for it.


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