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DivX/XviD on new Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pork917, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Im definitely interested in the Apple TV now with the new update primarily because of the HD rentals. But my only concern is whether or not it can stream divx/xvid without problems. From what I saw online you have to do a little hack/tweak which seams very easy, but am wondering if this is still possible with the new updated Apple TV? I appreciate any help, thanks guys!
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    Cave Man

    Quicktime does play them, but at this point the ATV rejects them if sent to it, thus returning an error to the sync'ing iTunes. It will take an revision to the ATV software to get these to play on it without hacks.
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    I understand that, but im just wondering if the hacks still work on the new updated ATV. Want to make sure this is 100% doable, because without divx its pretty pointless
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    Cave Man

    We won't know until Apple releases the update. If I were a gambling man, I suspect it will break any hacks and will not support anything other than a Quicktime container of some kind.
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    The update is expected in 'two weeks'... we should know then.
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    They wouldn't allow Divx/Xvid playback. If they do, then they lose out on all the TV/Movie purchases/rentals. Surely, Jobs must know thats the format used for said media downloads.
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    Quicktime plays them with the appropriate codec's installed. These codec's will never make it to the AppleTV unless iTunes starts allowing DivX/XviD videos to be bought through iTunes (not gonna happen).
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    Yet the iPod supported the most widespread format in piracy from the start without limiting the potential for iTunes Music Store revenue.
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    by than it was too late. MP3 was the standard and Apple had to follow lock step in that regard or the iPod would have failed. There really isnt much of a standard in video codecs as there are so many of them and each company seems to have their own. Besides Divx and Xvid are known mainly for pirated video. Sure there are some legit uses but you mention those two to the general public and they think of pirated video.
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    But the iPod predated the iTunes store. ;)

    The workaround is to just convert the video into MP4 format. You'll suffer a bit of quality loss, but if the source is good enough...
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    Puh lease. The iPod was created because of the MP3 craze. The AppleTV was not created because of the DivX/XviD encoding on torrent sites. DivX from a retail standpoint was a massive flop.

    Since nobody had cornered the digital rental industry for shows and movies, Apple chose to use the format they've supported all along. The iPod would die without MP3 support (IMHO), the AppleTV will not die because of lack of DivX codec support.
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    you all say it like it doesnt work, but from what ive seen its a pretty simple hack, so i consider it to play divx in my head since with a few minutes it works (again, from what i read since i dont have one). Without divx/xvid support this thing is pointless and nothing but u to give money to apple. who the hell wants to convert to mp4 when 90% of the stuff you download is divx? for the 299/230 u could buy half of a 360 or ps3 which does the same, plus more....

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