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Divx/Xvid on the xbox 360 burns...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by desenso, Dec 6, 2007.

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    First of all, I'm the proud owner of no less than two AppleTVs and a Mac Mini that feeds them. I'm very much a fan of the AppleTV and I think it's one of the greatest "diamonds in the rough" in Apple's lineup. HOWEVER, this burns:


    The xbox 360 is now a better media extender than the AppleTV in many respects. It's also cheaper than the AppleTV. Oh yeah, and it's also a friggin next-gen gaming system that can be used to play HDDVDs with a fairly inexpensive addon.

    Boo.. hiss... Come on Apple, why are you making me regret buying your products instead of Microsoft products. :mad:
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    is it playing .mkv yet?
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    wow cool. my 360 just became more valuable to me the. i only just used it before to stream my mp3 collection to my stereo and now i can stream my movies... woohooo.

    i got tired of converting my movies to crappy wmv format
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    i've just downloaded the update for 360, and to play avi's you need to re-download the optional media update again. both of these updates only took mere seconds on my crappy 512k DSL line so im most impressed, at under 900k for the media update im very impressed 'cos as far as i remember, divx and xvid s/a downloads are bigger than this individually.

    Personally i would love an apple tv, BUT i only have one tv with component in and that only has one set of component inputs, so the xbox is in that.

    The 360 is turning into quite a good media box, when last years update added H264 & MP4 support, i stopped plugging my ipod into the tv to watch heroes, and bought an ext 500GB FAT32 USB drive, loaded it with the stuff I'd converted for my ipod and PSP. It worked brilliantly on the 360, allowed stretching of the movie to fit my whole screen, and now with the addition of xvid and avi playback i can skip conversion altogether.

    And in my oppinion the HD-DVD player is brilliant value, not only dose it add HD-DVD playback to your xbox/tv, but also to your mac and Vista PC (XP with a small hack), it even plays well on my wife's 1.6CD mini running vista ultimate. Discs will mount in leopard, and be seen as an HD-DVD video disc, but i cant find any way of playing them, so 3 drives for £99uk, thats a great deal
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    This has got to be the next step for the :apple:TV. Does anyone know if this can be done on the :apple:TV via a software update like the 360? This is the only thing holding me back from buying one at the mo.
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    i thought i remember reading software or hardware hacks for the appleTV to play back different codecs. google is your friend;)
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    I've recently bought a refurb Mac mini that I hooked up to the TV and I'm using it to play all my avi's etc. I'm glad that my 360 is now more useful than it was a few days ago, but I can't think of anything that the 360 can do that the mini can't? (maybe I'm missing something - please inform me if I am!).
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    Yes, you can install the Perian plugin.
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    XBox 360 with Connect360 on the desktop Mac = win. Now that it has xvid support = double win.

    However as a media extender there is one problem - lack of rewind or fast forward in music = major FAIL. I mean how hard can it be??
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    I have both an AppleTV and a 360.

    AppleTV wins hands down for ease of use.

    Navigating through the 360 is just annoying.

    end of story.
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    Can the Apple TV play .mkv? No. Processor isn't powerful enough. It's been discussed to death. So that's kind of a moot point in this discussion.

    I have both an ATV and a 360. The hacked ATV serves my needs just fine, but if I didn't already have it the new Connect360 3.2 with Xvid/Divx streaming to the 360 may have been the ticket. It's nice to see features being added to any product via software updates; it will encourage others to do the same.

    For the record, I think a better price point for the ATV would be $199 (that's what I bought mine for used anyway). Sure Apple might take a bit of a hit (as Microsoft does on the 360 hardware), but if they would fricken' add HD content to iTunes already they could make it back in no time.
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    can either 360 or ATV play movies with subtitles?
    if not, i guess i'm still sticked with the classic xbox with xbmp on it...
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    There's no doubt that the AppleTV is a slicker product. But the xbox 360 now boasts a better set of features. This is highly frustrating given that it would take Apple about 30 seconds to release a software update which competes.

    They should just open up the whole AppleTV platform. Why can't I have a weather widget? WHY?!?!
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    What does the processor have anything to do with it? MKV is just a container. Codecs that can be used with it include Xvid. Depending on the codec and other settings, a MKV file could probably be played smoothly on a 386. Is Apple TV processor slower than a 386?
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    No I meant Xbox360 is it playing .mkv files yet
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    Xbox 360 next gen? hardly....

    I'm getting seriously bored with people saying that the Xbox is a next generation console. hardly next gen the fact that you have to buy an add on box that links up over usb just to play back HD-DVD (which is looming to become a dead format, need some reasoning why?) well the xbox 360 cannot handle any of the next gen audio formats, it's all good that it can play 1080p now, only because of the Elite edition with HDMI, not gay VGA, who uses that for a digital picture?!?!?! but where the hell is DTS master audio, something still supported by the PS3. then there's people talking **** about its great use as in a cinema setup as a media extender. so you got 2 boxes (which wont match if you got the elite, well done clean loving one box solution microsoft), tonnes of cabling, HD-DVD which doesn't support any HD future formats atm which to me is ridiculous as a 1080p picture is half the story. hence blu ray will win, more space, more uncompressed audio. and then there's the games machine, yes loads of games, yes its been around longer. yeap 2 years older. older hardware than ps3. considering the ps3 comes with everything built in as standard in one box, with wifi/blu ray/ hd audio formats/ 1.3a HDMI output/ upscaling of dvd's, plus PVR capabilities in the new year, and is now cheaper than the xbox 360 (if you included the xbox with wifi enabler £55, HD-DVD drive £120) so £300 for ps3, over £400 for xbox with all trimmings, that's cheap. Now there's the apple TV, a rubbish half thought about idea. Just use your computer in the lounge, any formats, digital picture/sound as standard, upscaling dvd's divx/xvid/mkv all playable under VLC. sorted. PS3 with a reciever (onkyo HQV one) 42inch 1080p TV. mac mini, what an easy futureproof setup.
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    So anyway, I tried out the DivX streaming last night, and it put the movie in a box in the middle of the screen surrounded by a big black frame. I couldn't figure out how to zoom in on the picture... any hints?
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    In my mind, next gen ≈ it puts out HD resolution.

    I'm sure all your concerns are valid, but where the hell did that rant come from?!
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    Wow... spot the PS3 fanboy :D

    I'm getting seriously bored with people who don't use paragraphs.

    VGA? For a digital picture? ****... I'd better throw my PC monitors and iMac away.

    The Wii has pretty much proven that graphical advancement is not the be all and end all of gaming (it's about equivalent to a PS2 graphically), and about time too. Some of the best games ever made were in the early days, and personally I'm sick and tired of remake after remake with just better graphics and no other advancement or imagination (GT5, yawn). The Wii has poor graphics, but really unique imaginative games that make it a huge hit.

    My personal favourite however is the 360. I see the 360 as a middle ground. It's not obsessing over "ZOMGGRAPHICSLOL" and forgetting about everything else, yet not as imaginative as the Wii (with its poor graphics). It's got the balance Just Right.
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    Holy crap. Go back to sucking at Sony's tit, and while you're there take some writing lessons so the next time you post it doesn't make my head hurt.
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    lol I have both, but I like the PS3 much better, less games but better user experience imho. Xbox feels like I'm still using Windows somehow, PS3 feels more unique. And WTF is with the ADS!!!????? Sony need to get on the ball with updates including Divx, PSN, more remote-play, ect, otherwise I will go Wii :(!!!!!!! lol Virtual Console FTW!
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    Bring up the menu with your controller and hit the icon with the two rectangles next to the language icon. This will fit to your screen. Hope this helps.
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    I agree. I love my 360 but it really peeves me when I get ads on something I'm paying to use. If they're going to show ads, then LIVE should be free.
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    xbox 360

    look lets get something straight here. I'm not sucking Sony's Tit. I have had enough of their ******** over the years (Betamax, DRM mechanisms, pushing blu-ray like the new betamax) but as a serious A/V professional it upsets me to see people rave on about the Xbox 360 when their are serious flaws with it, and makes me wonder how long the people who have one, with an hd-dvd drive last before realising that their investment wasn't futureproof past 2 or 3 years tops. Let me remind by saying that the Xbox currently does not:

    1)have as much tech as the PS3, either through graphics capabilities, core processors, Wi-fi out of the box not a £55 upgrade, 1.3a HDMI, built in HD-DVD player (sony has built in Blu-ray) to make it as much spec as a PS3, it's well over £400. PS3 with all of it: £300

    2)No HD audio formats. to me as an A/V expert this is crucial as it's important as picture. Question for the noobs here: if you have a 1080p source running at over 30mb/s how well does your system benefit (a 7.1 setup) from a dolby digital (448kbs) or DTS (1.5mb/s) (from which current HD releases are atm) the answer is it will suck. no punch, no soundstage, pure ******** sound. upgrade to a Dolby digital HD format, 15mb/s or DTS Master (30bm/s) the difference will be awesome. I've heard them I know the difference thanks.

    3) as a media centre, surely the mac mini is where its at, sexy, small, and two cable hook up, DVI-HDMI. optical out - reciever. rather than a box that's great as a HD ready (not full HD) games console, **** as a home cinema drive, **** as an upscaling dvd player, and **** as a media hub (no support for much codecs used on the web (MKV/DIVX/XVID/H.264)

    4) oh yeah the xbox marketplace, what a joke, not only do you have to pay subscription fees to play online(not on my wii or ps3) but you have to pay for downloads of tv shows and movies and games, is the industry really that immature it can't make money through advertising in games or in the marketplace. and with DRM so you cant copy to other devices. If I'm wrong on this please point this out, but I know you have to PAY for it. PAY for TV, are you ****ing kidding me?
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    Do you really need to rant and swear? The board filters it all out anyway...

    Some valid points, though none that affect me. Whether some guard is repeating "you dare steal in front of me, I'll have your hand for that" over and over through a super mega HD console-to-ear interface or plain old stereo speakers doesn't make any difference to me, guess I'm just not that fussy :)

    I'd hate to see advertising in games. The thought of hopping across the rooftops of some version of the ancient holy land and having Ronald McDonald pop up all the time doesn't really appeal to me, I'd rather pay a fee. I'm accustomed to paying $15/month for ONE online game on the PC, so the annual fee for XBox Live on which you can play every game you own online is a steal.

    The PS3 certainly has its merits, and once the likes of FFXIII come out (long time yet) I'll probably be adding one to my collection of consoles.

    However the 360 is where it's at for my requirements right now. It has more games, and it has the unrivaled popularity of XBox Live. (Sorry, but if it's multiplayer I'm going where everyone else goes!)

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