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DJ Creepy shares his MP3j tips & tricks

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 25, 2004.

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    He mixes using itunes party mix with 12 seconds cross-fade... if that gives you some idea of how professional this dj is.

    Obviously over airport express this would be a cool and casual set up, but nothing beyond the grasp of even entry level mac users.
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    wha?? don't get it... :eek:
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    Actually, I think that is what he does on his "lower key" shows, they don't talk about his "bigger" shows, so we don't know what he does there.
    But there is a picture of him in front of a soundboard with a desktop monitor.
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    what a dork :rolleyes:

    iTunes??? are you kidding???

    get Native Instruments Traktor or Final Scratch if you won't use vinyl...

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    i played with this some time ago, not that im a dj

    its pretty cool thow. you insert 1 or 2 cds into the drive, it reads them, cache's them and lets you mix them live

    not for os x unfortunately

    wonder how many dj's know about this or use it

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    Ask the DJ

    There's a downloadable app for OS X called "Ask the DJ" that will beat-match songs automatically and crossfade. Kind of an unusual interface. I'm no DJ so I can't say if it's of much pro use... but it looked cool :)
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    this is tips for "low-key" gigs. he does live stage shows too.
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    did you miss this paragraph?

    "There are distinct advantages. For smaller shows I suggest using iTunes Party Shuffle on a laptop with an Airport Express wired to a house system (or JBL EON 10 speakers). The wireless setup can a bit risky but most people respect expensive hardware and the effort. They're blown away by music without wires. For my real shows I'll use Native Instruments Final Scratch and/or Traktor. And don't forget, plain old vinyl works too. But all that's a little too complicated for the hobbist MP3j.
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    yepp, obviously

    ...but this doesn't change my point


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